About AstroLabs


AstroLabs’ mission is to create a thriving technology ecosystem in the MENA region

AstroLabs was created by entrepreneurs to solve practical obstacles to making this mission a reality.

Currently we are focusing on 2 core initiatives: AstroLabs Dubai is the only Google-partnered Tech Hub in the MENA region, serving as a launchpad for the highest potential tech  startups.  The space features a Google-supported mobile device development lab, a training facility, meeting rooms, etc. Through a partnership with the DMCC-Government of Dubai, startups at AstroLabs Dubai will be able to easily obtain a free-zone company license with no upfront costs.

AstroLabs Academy, which delivers specialized technology courses on the most relevant topics in digital business, including Programming, Coding,  Digital Marketing, UX Design, Analytics & Big Data, and Startup Business Development.
We do both open classes available to the public as well as custom-made classes for large organizations.