A 1 month intensive program that goes through advanced topics in Digital Marketing built for specialists and those that want to gain practical domain expertise.

In this advanced Digital Marketing track, we’ll be deep diving into topics that are relevant for the modern professional in 2018 such as Advanced Strategy, Growth Hacking & Content Marketing, Advanced SEO, Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing, Email Drip Campaigns, Beating Social Media Algorithms, Influencer Marketing, Real Life Optimization, Analytics, Advanced Reporting and more!

Although we recommend attending the entire program from start to finish, each class can be taken independently. 



  • Curriculum & Program Schedule

    Digital Marketing for Managers
    Day 1, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This workshop is built for managers that oversee Digital Marketing and will focus on:

    • How managers can define a digital marketing strategy for any business
    • Understanding a high level view of all channels
    • Creating a unified strategy across all channels
    • Budgeting & how to scale up efforts
    • Distinguish fads from fundamentals
    • Calculating important metrics like CPA, CAC (Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Acquisition of Customer),  and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
    • Implementing a customizable full service dashboard to measure performance

    Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
    Day 2, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This BI and Advanced Reporting and Analytics workshop will cover:

    • Defining Performance Goals
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Data Import & Dimension Widening
    • Using a floodlight pixel
    • Google Tag Manager crash course
    • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
    • Integrating Multiple data source API’s and offline data into one dashboard
    • Connecting with BI tools and online data

    Performance & Programmatic Marketing
    Day 3, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This workshop will cover Performance Marketing fundamentals, practical exercises in creating campaigns on:

    • Google Display Network
    • AdWords Google Search
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SnapChat Ads
    • Importing and targeting audiences
    • Retargeting and 3rd party ads
    • Programmatic ads
    • Using 3rd party data ads for larger budget
    • Dealing with agencies.

    Growth Hacking & Content Marketing
    Day 4, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This Content & Growth Hacking workshop will cover three sections:

    • Section 1: Platform selection 
      • Finding your community & niche vertical
      • Platform overview incl. specific to certain categories and micro-influencers
      • CMS overview (blogs / websites)
      • Group Exercise: Choose your vertical and platform
    • Section 2: Content creation
      • Content discovery tactics
      • Content formats (gifs, videos, articles)
      • Content resource options
    • Section 3: Distribution strategies
      • Presentation from Group Exercise
      • Creating Automated Emails, Drip campaigns and integrating with CRM systems to
      • Social distribution software
      • Getting past limitations on Facebook and other social algorithms
      • Paid social strategies (budget, ad formats, etc)

    SEO for Marketers (2 Day Workshop)

    Day 1 – The User-centered SEO approach
    Day 5, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This SEO workshop will cover:

    SEO Success Factors in 2018: A User-Centric Approach

    –                 Evolution from search engine to search experience

    –                 How SEO to help your USERS find quickly what they need

    SEO Mobile-first approach

    –                 How to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

    –                 What are the key elements to consider when auditing a mobile website

    –                 What are the best practices for Mobile-first index

    Arabic-first SEO approach

    –                 What are the challenges for Content localization in MENA

    –                 Why should never use Google Translate to do optimize your content

    –                 What are the best practice for an effective Arabic SEO campaign

    –                 How to make sure that the relevant website rank for the right country

    Day 2 – Beyond website ranking: Search Visibility
    Day 6, 10:00am-4:00pm

    Part 2 of the SEO workshop will cover:

    UX insights for SEO

    –                 Why UX should be part of your SEO strategy

                     How to define your personas for a successful SEO campaign

    –                 What are the 3 best practices you must follow to ensure online visibility

    Social Media for SEO

    –                 How to integrate your social media campaign into your SEO strategy

    –                 How to outreach influencers to promote your content online

    –                 What are the new opportunities with Google My Business

    –                 How to optimize your online visibility through Google My Business

    Performance Measurement

    –                 How to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign

    –                 Is keyword ranking the only relevant KPI for your SEO activity

    –                 What are the main KPIs to evaluate your SEO strategy

     Influencer Marketing
    Day 7, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This Influencer marketing workshop will cover:

    • Introduction to Influencer Marketing
      • Why Influencers?
      • When to use Influencers?
    • Mapping Influencers
      • Mapping Methods
      • Sample Tools to Use
    • Screening Influencers
      • Based on Interests
      • Based on Demographics
      • Based on Followerbase
      • Based on Business Objectives
    • Building Relationships with Influencers
      • Initial Contact
      • Working on Campaigns Together
      • Maintaining Relationships
    • Running an Influencer Marketing Campaign
      • Deciding What Social Media Channels to Use
      • Integrating Creative Concepts with Influencers
      • Assessing Quotations from Influencers
      • Agreements & Legal Paperwork
    • Monitoring & Reporting on Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    • Future Predictions for Influencer Marketing / Q&A

    Turning your site into a conversion machine
    Day 8, 10:00am-4:00pm

    This Conversion Rate workshop will cover:

    • Creating landing page (the 7 landing page principles)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Optimizing landing pages and conversion rates
    • Using Google Tag Manager: Tracking Scroll depth,Auto event tracking, time on site, and more
    • Recording user interaction (using Hotjar and other tools)
    • A /B testing with Google Optimize

     Bonus: Individual Connecting With Recruiters & Companies Hiring! (will follow up at the end of the program)


    This workshop series will cover:

    • How to create an advanced digital marketing strategy for any business, step-by-step that scales!
    • Building dashboards and reports across channels with actionable KPI’s (Cost per acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value, and Attribution Modeling)
    • Analytics Data import, dimension widening, custom dimensions and metrics
    • Basics of Business Intelligence, mapping online data with offline data, and other sources into one master dashboard
    • Using Google Tag Manager to automate all of your tracking! (implementing Auto event tracking, Virtual Page Views and Scroll Depth for your site)
    • Google Shopping ads
    • Building a growth hacking playbook, for long term growth
    • Using advanced SEO techniques to scale in the region (mobile, Arabic and local)
    • Lead generation with Facebook / Instagram ads
    • Programmatic ads strategy in the region (with DoubleClick, DBA’s and others)
    • Advanced Mobile targeting
    • Dynamic Search Ads, Remarketing lists for search ads, Lookalike Audiences
    • Creating and optimizing Landing Pages
    • Detailed A/B testing with Google Optimize
    • Creating detailed Drip Email campaigns based on user actions
    • Developing a content strategy to scale your online efforts (non-fiction writing, video and audio).
    • How to beat Social Media algorithms to get engagement (without spending a ton)
    • Working with Influencer marketers and finding one that’s right for your business!
    • Real life optimisation of live campaigns (Optimising for Conversion Rate Impression Share, and Quality Score)
  • Instructors

    Ahmad Abugosh

    Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs

    Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs, leading workshops and events at AstroLabs Academy.

    Previously worked at MBC, Namshi, and RBBI, and has professional expertise in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Full-stack Web Development, and Business Intelligence.

    BS Computer Engineering from American University of Sharjah and Google certified since 2012.

    Aida Sahraoui

    Co-Founder at WONE Consultancy

    Aida has a passion for performance marketing and helping others achieve their business goals. She is the Co-Founder of the boutique performance online marketing company WONE Consultancy.

    Previously Aida has worked at France 24 and Kayade Middle East and has a Master’s degree in International Business for SME’s from Rennes1 University.

    Naguib Toihiri

    Head of Marketing at Red Blue Blur Ideas (RBBi)

    Awarded MENA Search Personality 2017, Naguib Toihiri is a Digital enthusiast with 8 years of experience optimising online brands’ visibility & increasing their traffic from search engines.
    Head of Marketing at RBBi (a Digital Marketing agency offering UX/UI, SEO, PPC & Analytics), he is helping top Middle East brands since 2013 in various sectors including Qatar Airways, Emaar and Jumeirah Group.

    Naguib instructs the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Workshop.

    Richard FitzGerald

    Managing Director & Founder at We Are Augustus

    Richard FitzGerald is the Managing Director & Founder at We Are Augustus, a ‘New Media’ company born in Dubai. We Are Augustus run the popular platforms Lovin Dubai and Lovin Saudi. Richard brings with him a wealth of experience in the Content & Growth Hacking fields, having scaled the local “Lovin” properties to now reach over a million people in the region.

    Kyle Newsam

    Digital Director at Third Street Studios

    Kyle Newsam is a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist & Digital Strategist. Besides his mentorship and training activities, Kyle currently works as Digital Director at Third Street Studios, and his past expertise include working at RBBi, Jelly Fish in the UK and even a stint as a reality TV star!

    Mike Al Naji

    Head of Influencer Marketing at Alsayegh Media

    Mike Alnaji is a social media enthusiast with years of experience working with brands and agencies. Mike’s experience has led him to execute award-winning social media strategies and campaigns for brands such as IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Sony. He is currently leading the influencer marketing division of Alsayegh Media, the UAE’s first fully-integrated communications agency.

    Mike instructs the Influencer Marketing Workshop.

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  • Who Will Benefit The Most From This Workshop?

    1. Marketerslooking to upgrade their knowledge and acquire domain expertise to grow in their career
    2. Anyone looking to make a career change and get a specialized understanding of various digital marketing fields
  • Teaching Method

    The goal of this program is not just to teach you what to do, but have you do it yourself! Each day in the program will have heavy hands-on work using the actual tools that professional digital marketers use on a daily basis.

  • Certification

    As A KHDA accredited Training Institute, AstroLabs will grant a certificate on the completion of this Digital Marketing track.


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A great engaging and learning experience, no matter what scale you are at!

Kunal KapoorFounder & CEOThe Luxury Closet

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to pick up new skills and tricks, join AstroLabs Academy!

Jean-Pierre MondalekGeneral Manager, Motorsdubizzle.com

It was very informative it was also great in terms of sharing case studies and best practices.

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As always AstroLabs courses really focus on giving you direct value to your business, the little tips are awesome!

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The class was worth 500 kms we crossed from Oman.

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Without doubt this is the best foundation for start-ups currently available in the UAE.

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The course delivered by AstroLabs was informative and well-structured.

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I really liked the interaction and real life examples!

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AstroLabs is an amazing place to learn and connect. It is the perfect organic starting point for any startup in the UAE.

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The instructors at Astrolabs are very knowledgeable and helpful, which is a great addition to the friendly environment that Astrolabs provide

Abdullatif Alsumeiry Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power Markets Sales Engineer

Another great workshop by AstroLabs. Having an industry leader involved, giving real insight and prepared to answer all questions openly made it a hands-on and very beneficial workshop. Thank you.

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