AstroLabs Academy Calendar

AstroLabs Academy is your go-to resource for digital skills training in the MENA region. Our goal is to close the knowledge gap in the tech world by providing relevant, practical and job-ready skills. With centers in Dubai and Riyadh we conduct programs, workshops, bootcamps and courses across a wide range of topics, most notably: Digital Marketing, Coding, Data Science / Deep Learning, Design, Sales and Startup Business Development (for other topics not listed, view our Course Offerings page).

View our full Academic calendar for 2019 below!



Digital Marketing Track (Day Sessions) (Dubai)

Monday March 25 to Thursday March 28, 2019 (10am-4pm)

Sunday, March 24, 201910am-5pmComprehensive Digital Marketing -Display Push Marketing (GDN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Retargeting)
Monday, March 25, 201910am-5pmGoogle Ads SEM (Search Engine Marketing) + SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Wednesday, March 27, 201910am-5pmGoogle Analytics Reporting and Dashboards
Thursday, March 28, 201910am-5pm Social Media Content Strategy, Digital Retention & Email Marketing


Digital Marketing Track (After Hours) (Dubai)

Friday April 12 to Saturday April 20, 2019

Friday, April 12, 201910am-4pmComprehensive Digital Marketing
Saturday, April 13, 201910am-4pmMastering Google Analytics
Monday, April 15, 20196:30pm-9:30pm Display Push Marketing (GDN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Retargeting) Part One
Tuesday, April 16, 20196:30pm-9:30pmDisplay Push Marketing (GDN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Retargeting) Part Two
Wednesday, April 17, 20196:30pm-9:30pmGoogle AdWords SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Friday, April 19, 201910am-4pmGetting Your Site To Rank on Google Organically – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Saturday, April 20, 201910am-4pmOrganic Social Media + Digital Retention & Email Marketing

No Code Bootcamp (Dubai)

Tuesday April 9 to Friday May 10, 2019

Tuesday April 9, 20196pm-10pmLaunch Day & Program Overview
Friday April 12, 201910am-4pmIntro to Visual Programming, Designs, Templates, basic Workflows and Data
Tuesday April 16, 20196pm-10pmDesign UI Pages and Database structure
Friday April 19, 201910am-4pmAdvanced Styling, Page Layouts and Data Manipulation
Tuesday April 23, 20196pm-10pmConnect your pages to your backend
Friday April 26, 201910am-4pmWorkflows, Events and Actions
Tuesday April 30, 20196pm-10pmBuilding your Prototype
Friday May 3, 201910am-4pmPlugins, API connections and Analytics
Tuesday May 7, 20196pm-10pmPrivacy Rules and 3rd Party Integrations
Friday May 10, 201910am-4pmGetting your first customers and marketing your app + Final Demo Day!

Digital Marketing Track (Riyadh)

Sunday April 28 to Wednesday May 1, 2019 (10:00am-4:00pm)

Day 1 – Sunday April 28th, 201910am-4pmComprehensive Digital Marketing Workshop
Day 2 – Monday April 29th, 201910am-4pmMastering Google Analytics Workshop
Day 3 – Tuesday April 30th, 201910am-4pmDisplay Push Marketing Workshop, Advertising with Google Adwords Workshop, Google AdWords Certification Examinations
Day 4 – Wednesday May 1st, 201910am-4pmGetting Your Site To Rank on Google – SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Crafting A Social Media Strategy Workshop, Email Marketing & Customer Retention Workshop

May – December

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