AstroLabs is a KHDA certified training institute, with a mission to bridge the digital knowledge gap in digital marketing, analytics, programming, coding, ux/ui and startup development. View all the courses we offer below.

These classes are regularly scheduled at AstroLabs Academy and are open to the public.

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Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful skill sets in the tool chest of the modern professional, and like any constantly changing topic, can be hard to navigate. In order to solve this, AstroLabs Academy has built a 1 Week intensive Digital Marketing workshop track, built by and for professional practitioners.

Deep diving into topics that are relevant for modern Digital Marketing in 2018 such as Advanced Strategy, Growth Hacking & Content Marketing, Advanced SEO, Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing, Email Drip Campaigns, Beating Social Media Algorithms, Chat Bots, Influencer Marketing, Real Life Optimization, Analytics, Advanced Reporting and more!

Learn how to implement a successful online marketing strategy, by learning about every important marketing channel. Understand the advantages of each channel, and how you can use them to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Learn to Master Google Analytics: Track the important KPI’s needed for your business, tell stories with your data, Import Advanced Metrics & Dimensions, Customise Your Reports & Dashboards with the exact data you need, Automate key processes, and get Google certified.

Learn to fully utilize Google’s advertising platform AdWords to grow your business, benefit the organization & clients you serve, and advance in your career.

Learn about Display Marketing, and how to reach a wide audience interested in your product. In this workshop we will cover the basics of online display advertising, including Display ads, GDN (the Google Display network), Facebook Ads, Placements, Affiliates, and Retargeting (on Google, Facebook and using 3rd party tools like AdRoll).

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website on the front page of search engines, the answer you’re been looking for is SEO. By taking this course, you will gain a better understanding of how search engines work and how to use them to your advantage.

Without an engine, cars don’t operate and without a hand-crafted unique content strategy you won’t stand out! In this class you’ll be able to hand-craft an engine with horsepower that’ll shift your social media presence from zero to hero!

Without an engine, cars don’t operate and without a hand-crafted unique content strategy you won’t stand out! In this class you’ll be able to hand-craft an engine with horsepower that’ll shift your social media presence from zero to hero!

One of the most crucial parts of any Digital Marketing strategy is Performance Marketing. In this workshop we’ll be covering the most important aspects of creating scalable performance marketing ads across all channels, including Programmatic ads, whether you’re working with agencies or running your own campaigns.

One of the most crucial parts of any Digital Marketing strategy is Conversion Optimisation. In this workshop we’ll be covering the most important aspects of optimisation strategy. Some aspects of the workshop include A/B testing and Landing Page Optimisation, and Driving Sales Down You Marketing Funnel through Automation!

As marketing has taken a shift towards digital, anyone with a strong technical background that can bridge the gap between tech and marketing is a rock star! In this workshop, we’ll be teaching you the most important technical things you need to know in Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to bring any scaling business to the next level.

In this workshop we’ll be covering the most important aspects of formalising and executing on an SEO strategy that matters. Some aspects of the workshop include localisation, optimising for page speed and mobile responsiveness and SEO for Arabic.

Influencer marketing is one of the most talked about Digital Marketing trends of the last year, but is it worth the hype? How can you tie in influencer marketing with your overall marketing strategy? How can you find the best influencers for your business? What’s the best way to track, measure and scale your success? All those questions and more will be answered in this workshop!

How can you scale your business while at the same time keeping costs down? That’s the eternal struggle of the growth hacker. In this workshop we’ll be covering tools and tactics to achieve scalable growth by focusing on practical actions you can take to make an positive impact on your business.

Other Topics We Teach!


    Learn about Paid Search Ads (Adwords/PPC/SEM). This form of Pull marketing is very important for businesses and startups that want to focus on particular verticals of their business and maximize ROI, since you only pay per click.

    Once we cover the core material, we will assist you to take the online assessment to become Google certified in AdWords.


    If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website on the front page of search engines, the answer you’re been looking for is SEO. Learn to gain a better understanding of how search engines work and how to use them to your advantage. Learn the ‘SEO Pyramid’ of Technical, Content, Links and Social Media techniques.


    Learn about all forms of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads and how to optimize them. Get the most out of your Paid social media ads by learning about the different levers you can experiment with, and how to best target demographics and audiences that are relevant to your business.


    Learn how to do Social Media right with Growth Hacking, Automation and Content strategies to grow your social influence. With so many changes constantly happening on Social Media (including changes to Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm), learn what you need get seen through all of the noise.


    Learn about Ad Networks (Google Display Network, DoubleClick), Individual sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and well as individual Placements. This form of advertisement is crucial for getting your name out there. It can be very lucrative, but if not done right, can have a negative effect on your bottom line. Find out what you need to know to take full advantage of this Push marketing tool.


    Learn the basics of having a strong email newsletter strategy, from learning how to code HTML newsletters, to what KPI’s and metrics to test for. Stay in contact with your customers and increase your Customer Lifetime Value with Transactional emails and Drip Campaigns. Learn about Customer Retention through email, segmentation, and engagement strategies.


    Learn to Retarget (Remarket) to users that came to your site/app in the past. Learn to have ads that follow them wherever they go on Social Media (Facebook), as well as when they browse on all other sites that serve ads (through Google AdWords and 3rd Party ad-network targeting)


    Learn visual marketing strategies across upcoming new media & live digital channels like Youtube, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope.


    Learn how to exponentially scale your digital marketing efforts on a limited budget, by learning tips and growth “hacks” from founders that made it work and successful case studies.



    Learn everything you need to know about tracking every action on your website. Google Analytics (and Universal Analytics) is a powerful free tool that allows you to track what users do when they’re on your site, and where they came from before they came to your site. This class is crucial for anyone looking to optimize their website and increase their business ROI.


    Make tracking on your site easier, and page load time faster by implementing Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is a powerful free platform that allows you to only implement one code set on your site one time, and then make any changes to your tracking codes from their user interface (similar to DoubleClick’s floodlight pixel).


    Track everything from app downloads, to app events by learning to implement Mobile Tracking SDK’s. Whether you just have a responsive website, or a full fledged app, learn to track every action from the moment they download your app, and all throughout its use. Learn about tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (data layer), Segment, and Mixpanel


    Learn the fundamentals of analyzing data to make better business decisions. Know about how to create and analyze relevant metrics and dimenstions, perform SQL Queries, and draw readable dashboards using enterprise software like Power BI, Tableau and Bime Analytics.


    Learn about Data Science & Big Data and how to analyze very large datasets. Discover how to do Data Manipulation / Wrangling, Data Modeling, and Data Visualization. Learn advanced concepts like Machine Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Deep Learning. Learn to interpret data from the Command Line, through Coding (Python and R Packages), through Database Queries (SQL or no-SQL), and through Data Visualization Software (like Tableau).


Having worked with hundreds of startups & multinationals, one of the biggest areas that we feel the region needs to catch up on is quality tech talent. In order to solve this knowledge gap, AstroLabs Academy has built a 2 month part time Coding Bootcamp, built by and for professional practitioners.


    Learn to build apps that can be deployed across multiple devices and operating systems at the same time (iOS, Android, and others). Learn to work with platforms like React Native, Progressive Web Apps, and using tools like Ionic and PhoneGap


    Develop native iPhone and iPad apps using the Swift code framework. Learn to build your app using X Code and Apple design best practices to make your app both functional and user-friendly.


    Learn to design native mobile applications for Android devices using Java. The popularity and open-source nature of Android devices make this a crucial skill to master in the ever mobile evolving world.


    Web Applications are what gives websites their power. By learning one of the popular web development frameworks like JavaScript (React, Angular, NodeJS etc), Ruby on Rails,, PHP, or Django (Python), you can truly make web applications that harness the power of your imagination.


    Use HTML / CSS , WordPress and other CMS’s  to design professional websites. Make your sites mobile friendly with Responsive Design. You don’t need to be an experienced coder to make a great looking website.


    Learn to oversee transforming your idea, into a real website/app by understanding each step of the process and what needs to be done in terms of going from idea, design, development, and finally deployment & testing. This is crucial to know whether you are a founder who is outsourcing your development, or an aspiring CTO.



    Learn about putting the user first through design thinking, by utilizing practical tools like wireframing and journey maps. UX design isn’t only about making things that look nice, but also making sure that they are build for people first.


    Learn to design great mobile experiences. Having a smaller screen size can often be seen as a limitation for designers, however if you learn to take advantage of the canvas area available, you can truly make amazing mobile applications that people love.


    Find out how users actually use your product, and learn to make better design choices. Not every design decision should be made in the sterile environment of your office or studio. Learn how to interact and talk to the right people: the ones who will benefit most from your product!


    Learn to develop video content, and attractive graphics for your site /app. Learn to harness the power of Adobe Systems software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects.



    Using the Business Model Canvas , putting your business under the microscope, and using the Value Proposition Canvas to look at Pain Relievers & Gain Creators.  Learn to use practical tools to prototype and test your app/idea (by having a design functional interface, and using AdWords to validate your idea).


    By learning the fundamentals of the e-commerce business model (understanding CLV – Customer Lifetime Value, and CAC- Cost Per Acquisition), you’ll learn about what makes an online business unique and how to sidestep some of the common pitfalls associated with the medium. Learn to validate with the Learn, Build, Measure & Iterate model.


    Introduction and overview of accounting in a start-up context. Learn about Cash vs. Accrual Accounting. Tracking Revenue & Expenses, Statement of Cash Flows, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Overview of Accounting software (Wave, Quickbooks etc.).


    Learn Business Development Key Lessons, Building Your BD Pipeline (using startup BD tools), Developing Partnerships in other Countries, and Getting a Meeting & Closing the Deal.


    Core challenges in building an organization from scratch, defining talent needs, attracting talent, retaining, managing & developing talent, and building a culture of your own.


    Intro to funding options and concepts (debt, equity, VC speak  and core strategic questions and tradeoffs to fundraising). Understand the Funding Rounds (the Series Alphabet),Learn about best practices for investor engagement and negotiation, Determining how much funding you need, “Due Diligence” on potential investors, Getting introduced / reaching out, and following up and Negotiating terms.


    Developing the perfect pitch, Best practices / core elements of a strong pitch deck, Case examples: Group discussion / critique of real-world pitch decks


  • Ideation & Validation: How To Tell If Your Idea Is Worthless

    In this course we question ideas and how to validate them. Questions like why start a startup? Where do good ideas come from? How to know if people want it? We also go through Real Market Sizing

  • Your Business Model: Where Most Startups Fail

    Understanding startup business models that make sense, the CAC (Cost Per Acquisition) / CLV  (Customer Lifetime Value) model and creating a simple business plan to test.

  • Real World Feedback: Reality Check Survival

    We will be building a landing page, understand what makes a great landing page and optimizing for conversions before you start selling! We’ll also set up tracking and run a validating campaign on Google & Facebook.

  • Prototyping: Building It Quickly

    This workshop will focus on testing your idea before you build it, building a functional prototype, SpecingUser Stories and working with developers.

  • Building Your Startup: Rolling Up Your Sleeve and Hustling

    We’ll look into cofounders and hiring, a digital marketing crash course and a Roadmap to Make It Happen!