AstroLabs Custom
E-commerce Programs

Developed and Delivered by Industry Experts

Introducing AstroLabs Custom E-Commerce (ACE) programs, designed for successful retailers with existing e-commerce initiatives and a renewed urgency to rapidly enhance the capabilities of their e-commerce teams.

Our ACE programs take your e-commerce teams through the various critical components that make the e-commerce engine work, leading to accelerated growth in sales and optimized operations.

ACE programs help you tackle questions such as:

  • What are the different levers at our disposal?
  • What should we prioritize?
  • What actions can we take in the coming weeks?
  • What impact can we expect on our revenue and bottom line?
  • How can we leverage our organization’s strengths to create e-commerce competitive advantages?

E-commerce Programs Developed by Industry Experts

Produced by founders and senior managers from some of the most successful e-commerce ventures in the region and the world (Namshi, ASOS, Amazon, Selfridges, and others), the programs are an opportunity for a multi-disciplinary team from an e-commerce or omni-channel initiative to learn, reflect and leave equipped with a specific action plan for significant improvements.

ACE programs are designed for flexibility. Ranging from a rapidly deployable 2 to 3 day full-stack training program for earlier stage ventures to more customized programs that include tactical advisory support from our team of experts.

ACE Programs Framework

Pillar 1: Strategy, Objectives and Metrics

Develop a deep understanding of the mechanisms of the e-commerce venture, focus on key success factors and identify the most important metrics to track and improve.

  • Overview of Complete E-commerce Value Map: What levers can you pull to make it work for you?
  • The Product Offering: How to assess your product offering?
  • The Business Model: What are the components of the e-commerce business model, and how do economics work on an order, customer and venture level?
  • The CPIs: What are the critical metrics to track and optimize at different stages?

Pillar 2: Marketing Growth and Efficiency

Build a more coherent overall customer acquisition strategy and specifically a performance marketing plan that drives continued and sustainable growth.

  • Conversion Optimization: Analyzing the conversion funnel at each step and understanding the  methods to increase conversion, improving investment efficiency.
  • Analytics for E-commerce: Mastering the analytics tools to measure and improve conversions and marketing ROI. 
  • Marketing and Growth for E-commerce: Performance marketing and optimizing the marketing blend. What channels to focus on, what to measure, and how to reach the right blend that drives growth.

Pillar 3: Service delivery, the customer experience and continuous improvement

Discover the importance of the customer facing elements of the service delivery and how those elements connect back to the success of the venture in the long term.

  • Product Management, Testing and Iteration: Using landing pages, A/B tests, and GTM to enable faster improvement cycles.
  • Delivery and Experience: As happy customers are the optimal marketing strategy, we analyze customer touchpoints and customer moments of truth. Building an operational advantage.
  • Organization Design and Capabilities: As the right team will determine success or mediocrity, we ask what team capabilities do we need to shore up? And who do we need to hire?

Module Topics Include

  • A rapid diagnosis with the leadership and execution team
  • Assessment of current initiatives by AstroLabs experts including potential deep dives into all marketing channels and the analytics setups.
  • A succinct and actionable report for the client team to rapidly implement
  • A customized training program for members at different levels of the organization
  • Customized training recommendations to cover critical skills gaps that may prevent a higher level of performance


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