AstroLabs Virtual Entrepreneurship Center for Universities

Online Incubators, Accelerators, and Startup Bootcamps

Online Startup Incubators and Accelerators for Universities

  • The AstroLabs Virtual Entrepreneurship Center (AVEC) provides your university with a fully customized set of online startup programming, broadcast live to your students. Augment your distance learning offering with practical startup bootcamps and hands-on incubators/accelerators. Our unique approach to running programs is fully interactive and designed for universities, extending the impact of your on-campus innovation centers.
  • We have worked with the top universities in the region to power their startup support programming over the last six years. Learn more about how you can launch results-driven entrepreneurship programs for your students in partnership with AstroLabs, all delivered remotely.


We design every program for maximum participant engagement. Students keep their cameras on, virtually “raise their hands” to ask questions, and participate in a live chat stream with our instructors. Virtual breakout rooms facilitate collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.


Students from across campuses can come together to form teams and our pool of expert instructors and mentors are truly global, bringing them the best of what the world has to offer.


We cover the same material as our proven in-person programs, optimized for an online experience. Students leave our virtual entrepreneurship programs with the same outcomes as traditional programs.


Students engage in hands-on exercises, led by our instructors in real-time, throughout the duration of the programs. Our technology platforms help us recreate the inperson team experience virtually.

AstroLabs Online Live Programs for Universities

Awareness Sessions (1 day)

Large-scale broadcast events to raise awareness among the student body about entrepreneurship as a career path, including inspirational talks by local, regional and international startup founders who have been in their shoes.

Idea-to-Startup Bootcamps (1 week)

Students come with an idea and learn firsthand the fundamentals of startup design, including market sizing, customer validation, digital acquisition, forming an effective team, and pitching.

Incubators (8 weeks)

Hands-on support for serious teams who have attended a startup bootcamp that are ready to dedicate 2+ months to building their product and testing their assumptions.

Accelerators (10 weeks)

Flagship programs that take the most advanced teams with an existing product through a high-touch program, covering dozens of topics with constant support from expert mentors along the way. Concludes with a demo day in front of investors for feedback and support.

Module Topics Include

  • Understanding the real market need being addressed
  • Defining a sustainable business model
  • Estimating the size of addressable market
  • Identifying and approaching early customers
  • Marketing tools and techniques at scale
  • Funding: Raising investment vs. bootstrapping
  • Pitching best practices

Student Testimonials

Knowledge Partners

AstroLabs offers a range of certificate-granting programs issued by our knowledge partners such as Google and the KHDA.

AstroLabs is partnered with Google for Startups and offers multiple Google certificate-granting programs in digital marketing.

AstroLabs is a KHDA-certiiied training institute in the UAE and licensed business incubator in Saudi Arabia. Active training across the MENA region since 2013, AstroLabs is the leading local expert in running practical entrepreneurship programs within an academic environment.

Partner Universities

Khalifa University, UAE

The Khalifa Innovation Center (KIC) at Khalifa University is a full-suite support center for students and faculty interested in launching research-based ventures. AstroLabs partnered with KIC to run a specialized IP commercialization program with selected startups to assist them in taking their ideas to market.

Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

AstroLabs has partnered with the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), the UAE’s largest university system, to run startup bootcamps and design a new startup incubation program for ventures founded by students.

New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

startAD is full stack entrepreneurial experience based out of NYU Abu Dhabi, helping the entrepreneurship ecosystem through education initiatives and the creation of startups.

From the inception of startAD,  AstroLabs worked closely with the program’s leadership team to design and deliver digital and business literacy workshops, as well as fully develop and run their Startup Bootcamp. Courses developed and delivered by AstroLabs at startAD include: Digital Marketing, Business Model Generation, Web & Mobile Development, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Startup Pitching.

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

The KAUST Entrepreneurship Center assists the university’s scientist and student community to spin out their innovations into viable ventures. AstroLabs worked with KAUST to run “idea to market” training programs for their incubated startups.

"AstroLabs programs gave confidence to our learners, without which they would have been unlikely to take the next step of starting their businesses."
Robyn Brazzil
StartAD Program at NYUAD


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