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Since 2013, AstroLabs has helped hundreds of companies set up and scale up across the region. Our Saudi Arabian company establishment offering opens up the most sought-after market in the Middle East to expanding companies worldwide. Coupled with a soft landing at our coworking space, AstroLabs Riyadh, we offer a full-suite setup package to start doing business in the Kingdom right away.

AstroLabs regularly set up 100% foreign-owned entities under SAGIA regulations and make expanding into the KSA market fast, easy, and extremely cost-effective.

Fastest Setup

You will have your SAGIA Investor License, Commercial Registration, and Chamber of Commerce Registration within an expedited time frame of 2-3 weeks and be assisted each step of the way by our team of experts on the ground.

Office Flexibility

AstroLabs Riyadh serves as your soft landing as you are required to register a physical office to open a company in Saudi Arabia. Your SAGIA Investor License allows your company to operate anywhere in the Kingdom.

100% Ownership

Expand your company to Saudi Arabia without the need for a local partner and with no minimum capital requirements.

What We Offer

SAGIA issues the Investor License which enables you to open a 100% foreign-owned onshore entity in Saudi Arabia. You do not need a local partner and can operate anywhere in the Kingdom. Please note, certain activities are restricted such as recruitment, medical, and consulting (other than management).

We will provide you with a template AoA document, pre-approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, for your new company establishment in Saudi Arabia. We assist you through the process of finalizing this document and getting it signed in front of the Notary.

The CR is your operating business license in Saudi Arabia. The CR you obtain through this process is the same as what any local Saudi would be issued.
Once we have issued your CR, we will help you register the company with the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will record the signature of the General Manager on file.

Included in our company setup package is three months of membership for one person at our vibrant coworking space in Riyadh.

This entity is responsible for controlling the labor market through its labor law. They are the main entity responsible for issuing visas. Every company in Saudi Arabia needs to have a Labor File at this ministry.
This entity is responsible for social insurance. Each company needs to create a GOSI file where the company registers its current employee details and pays relevant monthly fees. GOSI will review these data to ensure that each company is following the required Saudization quotas.
This entity is responsible for collecting Zakat and Tax. Each company in Saudi Arabia is required to create a GAZT file where it needs to submit audited financial statements after the conclusion of each year.
Required for the local address.
Although the steps above are sufficient to establish your company legally in Saudi Arabia, there are several more registrations you will need to complete to fully complete the setup. You can choose to complete these yourself or AstroLabs can assist. Contact us for more information and pricing details.
  • Registration with Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD)
  • Registration with General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI)
  • Registration with General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT)
  • Registration of Required Local Address (Wasel)
  • Issuance of General Manager Visa

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Richard Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Augustus

We were very fortunate to have worked with AstroLabs to assist us to set up our company in KSA. From the start, they were very open and transparent in the process, they were available whenever we needed and proactive in following up on the status of the application. I will, and already have, recommended AstroLabs to support start-ups in their ventures in KSA.

Vassiliy Anatoli
Managing Director, Platinumlist

I was very impressed with the quick and responsive support we got from AstroLabs. Their local team is well aware of government regulations and requirements which helped us get our license smoothly. I would definitely recommend AstroLabs for companies looking to setup in Saudi Arabia.

Andrianna Dafnis
Managing Partner, Global Think Group

It was a very easy, fast process. I gave my company name, I answered some questions, I gave my passport, and literally got my commercial registration and my investment license in a couple of weeks. It was so incredibly easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll help you issue all of the required licenses to operate your company in Saudi Arabia with 100% foreign ownership, including registering with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, Ministry of Commerce and Investment (Commercial Registration), Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor, General Organization for Social Insurance, General Authority for Zakat and Tax, and Wasel Address. After we complete these steps on your behalf, you’ll be able to open a bank account, sponsor visas, and start doing business legally across Saudi Arabia. We include in our package three months of coworking at AstroLabs Riyadh for the first member of your team, serving as your soft-landing office.
AstroLabs’ specialized team in Riyadh has navigated the complex and time consuming business license setup process for over 50 companies to date. AstroLabs Riyadh is a purpose-built workspace with WiFi, meeting rooms, and office supplies that serves as your soft landing, offering you a scalable office solution that grows with your team.
The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority is the government entity that licenses foreign companies to operate in Saudi Arabia without a local partner. This is a mainland license with 100% foreign ownership.
The SAGIA Investor License is a company license category designed to attract highly scalable companies to Saudi Arabia. The Investor License is open to companies of all sizes setting up in the Kingdom, including international expansions of existing entities.
The most common business activities we license are those in the technology sector. Please note, certain activities are restricted such as recruitment, medical, and consulting (other than management).
  1. 100% foreign-owned onshore entity without the need for a local partner
  2. Able to operate anywhere in the Kingdom
  3. Get licensed in an expedited time frame of 2-3 weeks 
  4. AstroLabs Riyadh serves as your soft landing as you are required to register a physical office to open a company in Saudi Arabia
  5. No minimum capital requirement
We are currently achieving SAGIA license issuance, Commercial Registration, and Chamber of Commerce certification within 2-3 weeks. The company will be fully established within 3 months.
You only need to visit in person one time for attestation at the Notary. If you prefer to have us handle the entire process for you without requiring an in-person visit, we can take a power of attorney to sign on your behalf.
Yes, we can help you get a government visit visa through SAGIA to help you finalize your setup requirements.
  1. Copy of the company constitutional documents (Memorandum of Association, Bylaws, etc.), legalized up to the Saudi Embassy;
  2. Copy of the commercial registration or trade license, legalized up to the Saudi Embassy;
  3. Copy of a notarized PoA from a public notary, legalized up to the Saudi Embassy;
  4. Copy of audited financial statement for the last year, legalized up to the Saudi Embassy
There are six main government stakeholders which you need to interact with to fully establish your business in Saudi Arabia: SAGIA, MoCI, CoC, MLSD, GOSI, and GAZT.
This entity gives permission to individuals or companies to establish companies in Saudi Arabia with foreign ownership. This permission to invest is your SAGIA license, and it serves as an input into getting a foreign-owned Commercial Registration from MoCI.
This entity gives permission to operate your business in Saudi Arabia, conducting an approved activity. They will issue you a Commercial Registration (CR), which is called a Trade License in some countries.
This entity allows you to formally attest your company letters. Many private/government entities require attested letters when dealing with them. The Chamber of Commerce will save the General Manager’s signature to be able to attest future documents. They will issue you a Chamber of Commerce Certificate.
No, you will be able to work out of the AstroLabs Riyadh coworking space and meet all of your government licenses requirements.
There are no limitations on the number of visas you can get. Once the General Manager’s residency visa has been issued, you will be able to request additional visas from the Ministry of Labor as long as you are meeting the local Saudization quotas.
Generally, if you have 5 employees or less, you’re only required to hire one Saudi national. Once you exceed 5 employees, you’ll have to follow the Saudization Nitaqat system based on your size and industry.
After getting your General Manager visa, you won’t be able to process the GM residency ID without hiring your first Saudi employee. Therefore, it’s recommended to start the hiring process early on. We can support you with access to our jobs portal (
Yes, you will be required to pay 20% taxes on your net profits, as is applicable to all 100% foreign-owned SAGIA entities.

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