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Social Media Bootcamp Dubai

3,400 AED

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Three-week program for social media enthusiasts who want to learn how to create social media strategy or content calendar, and how to get higher ROI from this channel.

05 Jul 21 - 19 Jul 21 48 days left!
200 graduates
9.5 (50 reviews)

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Social Media Bootcamp Dubai

Level up your social media marketing! Learn to build social media playbook and engaging content pillars to grow your audience.

Develop Social Media Playbook for your brand

Learn how to audit any brand on social platforms

Build content-pillars to create engaging content at scale

Complete Strategy & Best Practices for the Region

Get hands-on custom training from our instructors with case studies and practical strategies tailored to the MENA region and beyond.

Develop Real World Business Strategies

Learn to develop & Lead a conversation on social media on behalf of your brand, read social media reports and gain valuable insights from them, run ads and manage media campaigns across social channels.

Apply What You Learn Immediately

Learn by doing! Each week you will work on a practical project that will be reviewed by our trainers and give you specific feedback.


Platforms Covered

Content: Inside the Course

What you will learn

Module 1

Building Your Social Media Strategy

Module 1

Building Your Social Media Strategy

In this class you will learn how to craft a solid social media strategy, which platforms to leverage depending on your business and how to engage with the community. You will also learn about dealing with influencers.

Brand Purpose
Learn how to set out real Business Purpose and Goals
Find your brand Tone of Voice based on your target audience
Plan where to post and when to post
Plan what to post specific to your brand and industry: educational content and added-value content vs just products posts
Learn about the importance of posting frequency and times as well as scheduling and automation
Know the difference between organic and paid efforts
Differentiate between content that will be placed across different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and LinkedIn
Discover your community engagement approach and how to manage it through different platforms
Form a practical community management framework
Put a crisis management plan into place
Explore community management tools that allow you to maange different platforms from one place and decide which one works for you
Plan how to grow a value-adding audience in an organic way
Analyse if you need an influencer marketing approach for your brand
Learn who are they and how to find the right one
Explore the main elements that go behind building an affiliate marketing program
Set out partnerships and contracts
Learn how discount codes and tracking can help quantity value-for-money from Influencers
Following Week 1 you will be able to put together practical, actionable outcomes including a social media strategy, brand purpose, content pillars and topic buckets

Office hours will be available during the week for additional support from our Instructors to help you get these deliverables in-place and to a high quality.

Module 2

Building your Content Calendar

Module 2

Building your Content Calendar

In this class you will learn about how to effectively write your copies and ads on social media, plus how to build your editorial and content calendar from scratch.

Learn about copywriting psychology and buyer persuasion techniques
Get to know the copywriting tips and tricks for creating great posts
Start nailing your copy while staying true to your tone-of-voice
Understand how to repurpose content and not have to always create content, including where to find the right content, hashtag search, topics and trends
Create engaging content / differentiating between 2 pieces of content: which is more effective and why
Create your own images/ videos/ graphics through a selection of cost-effective providers in the market. Understand the steps for finding the right tools and/or high-quality freelancers
Learn about content pillars, creatives vs copy and live and real time content
Differentiate between the many types of content and when to use what, including long form, blogs, polls, live broadcasts. Also learn how to use the right tools
Know where to find Arabic content, Arabic copywriters and quality translators
Content Calendar
Learn why a content calendar is important in your planning
Learn about the types of calendars and what to include in them
Explore online calendar tools and how to utilize them
Create your content calendar from scratch with the right tone of voice
Following Week 2 you will be able to put together practical, actionable outcomes including a monthly content calendar, you will know what content you will post where and create your dedicated content pieces.

Office hours will be available during the week for additional support from our Instructors to help you get these deliverables in-place and to a high quality.

Module 3

Start Measuring your Success

Module 3

Start Measuring your Success

In this class you will learn about what key metrics are and how to measure your efforts on social media, in order to evaluate the success of your content then change or optimize when necessary.

Find out about the most Important Key Performance Indicators, how to do a performance review and assess success. You will learn about terms such as unique reach, impressions, video views, ER and why these matter
Learn about what to measure
Learn what each metric means and how to benefit from it
Explore how to analyze numbers
Explore going to page insights and looking for numbers, data, reports
Learn tracking across platforms
Build your social media reporting dashboards and reports
Understand what social media reporting tools are in the market
Use automation for your reports
Explore social media listening tools
Following Week 3 you will be able to put together practical, actionable outcomes including a structured KPI measurement dashboard and tracking reports.

Office hours will be available during the week for additional support from our Instructors to help you get these deliverables in-place and to a high quality.

Who is it for?


Startup founders, small business owners, and freelancers who already manage campaigns for their own business and want to learn how to improve performance.

Digital marketers

Have you been managing Facebook and/or Google ads for at least a year? Now is the time to level up and learn how to amplify performance.

Our DM alumni

Have you gone through our Digital Marketing Certification Course and want to dive deeper into paid advertising? Here’s your chance to learn advanced techniques and tricks.

What is included?

3 live online sessions with our instructors to learn and practice (+ lifetime access to recordings)

1-on-1 consultancy with instructors and mentors so you never get stuck

Lifetime access to the AstroLabs video library for added knowledge

Online community forum to troubleshoot, collaborate, learn and chat with your classmates

Practical assignments that will help you improve the performance of your social media

A vibrant alumni community of the largest number of digital experts in the region


Meet Your Practitioner Instructors

Expert practitioners that teach practical knowledge you can immediately implement.


Jessica Avedikian

Trainer | Digital & Social Media Marketing Consultant | Founder of Social Astronaut

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Upcoming Courses

July 5 - July 19


July 5 - July 19

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:00-9:30pm

Social Media Audit - Monday, July 5
6:00 to 9:30 pm
Create Social Media Playbook - Monday, July 12
6:00 to 9:30 pm
Content-Crafting Workshop - Monday, July 19
6:00 to 9:30 pm

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small companies, they are founders, career changers and lifelong learners. Join us and meet your tribe!


Alumni Reviews

A great engaging and learning experience, no matter what scale you are at!

Kunal Kapoor

Founder & CEO – The Luxury Closet

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to pick up new skills and tricks, join AstroLabs Academy!

Jean-Pierre Mondalek

General Manager, Motors –

It was very informative it was also great in terms of sharing case studies and best practices.

Jana Al Qahtani

Senior Digital Marketing Executive – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

As always AstroLabs courses really focus on giving you direct value to your business, the little tips are awesome!

Dunia Othman

Chief Marketing Officer – mrUsta Solutions

The class was worth 500 kms we crossed from Oman.

Abbas Al Lawati

Global Head - Commodities and Banks – Bank Muscat

Without doubt this is the best foundation for start-ups currently available in the UAE.

Simon Sothcott

Digital Director – MEC

The course delivered by AstroLabs was informative and well-structured.

Uzma Suleman

Manager - Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Corporate Office – Dubai World Trade Centre

I really liked the interaction and real life examples!

Izeldin Ibrahim

Group Product Manager – Abbott

AstroLabs is an amazing place to learn and connect. It is the perfect organic starting point for any startup in the UAE.

Elhoussine Talab

Web Developer

The instructors at Astrolabs are very knowledgeable and helpful, which is a great addition to the friendly environment that Astrolabs provide

Abdullatif Alsumeiry

Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power Markets Sales Engineer

Another great workshop by AstroLabs. Having an industry leader involved, giving real insight and prepared to answer all questions openly made it a hands-on and very beneficial workshop. Thank you.

Khaled Elsayed

Co-Founder – Timepiece360

Frequently asked questions

Upon completion of this course, you will receive one Dubai Government Diploma from the KHDA authority.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to videos as well as additional recorded material when signing up for our Advanced Social Media course.

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand fields for the modern economy. It has high earning potential and is a skill that can help any business grow. We have helped several graduates land jobs after completing this course. Upon completion of this program, we cannot guarantee employment, but we will connect you with recruiters and open positions from our network.

This course is targeted to those who want to deep-dive into how effective and analytical approach to social media and content creation can accelerate their business’ success. The types of people this is relevant for include:1. Alumni from our Digital Marketing course 2. Social media professionals 3. Business managers who need to track their business progress 4. Startup Founders 5. Small business owners 6. People who want to change career to social media 7. New copywriters who want to focus on digital writing

Each course runs for 3 consecutive weeks with 1 session per week of 3.5 hours in an online live environment. Outside the session, office hours will be available for 1-on-1 sessions to provide feedback on the material between sessions. The course is designed in this way to maximise the time for participants to take the concepts and directly apply them in their businesses the same week, and to benefit from additional support of our trainers where this is required.

Social Media Bootcamp Dubai

3,400 AED

Three-week program for social media enthusiasts who want to learn how to create social media strategy or content calendar, and how to get higher ROI from this channel.

05 Jul 21 - 19 Jul 21
48 days left!

30-day money-back guarantee

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