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Build Your Own Online Business in One Week!

Build an Online Business From Scratch and Start Generating Revenue!

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Build Your Own Online Business in One Week!

The eCommerce Launcher Course will show you how to go from scratch to generating your first eCommerce sale through our fully online live interactive program.

Come Up with a Business Plan & Sell Profitable Products

Learn how to Build A Revenue Generating Online Business through a Detailed Program Framework and basics in eCommerce business economics.

Build a Fully Functional eCommerce Store On Your Own

Gain in-depth knowledge of eCommerce business models from Self Owned, to Fulfillment and dropshipping.

Business Setup Support

Learn how to setup your business, regional regulations and restrictions and the most cost effective way to go about it.

Lifetime Access to AstroLabs Online Learning Portal

Lifetime access to the AstroLabs online learning portal with videos to help you on your learning journey.

Market & Sell Your Products Online

Learn to Market ANY Product Online Through Proven Evergreen Digital Marketing Strategies.

Build an eCommerce Store without a Developer

Learn how to build a fully functional online store, the different ways to list your products as well as how to brand and host them.


Platforms Covered

Content: Inside the Course

What you will learn

Module 1

Business Economics

Module 1

Business Economics

This module will focus on coming up with a solid business plan, including cost & revenue structures and eCommerce related KPI’s as well as deep dive sessions into margins, costs and profitability projections.

Business Plan
Design a business plan, understand cost & revenue structure and eCommerce related KPI’s
Profitable eCommerce Businesses
Review eCommerce business types and how to make money from each of them
Deep Dive
In-depth workshops into margins, costs and profitability projections
Case Studies
Research on local and international eCommerce businesses
Practical Exercise
Draw up a fully fledged Business Plan

Module 2

Choosing a Product

Module 2

Choosing a Product

Whether you already have a physical or virtual product to sell or if you still need to find the perfect one, this module will help you select it and to find out whether what you have is going to bring in revenue

Understand the different ways of finding something to sell, either from your own physical products, virtual products or dropshipping, and look for retail arbitrage opportunities
Starting a Business
When you know what you want to sell, learn how to start the business
Product Assessment
Find out how to assess high potential products by carrying out quick online market research
Learn about Dropshipping which is selling without having to worry about inventory or shipping
Virtual Products
Learn how to sell virtual products like services, educational products and leads

Module 3

eCommerce Platforms

Module 3

eCommerce Platforms

This module covers the different ways to list your products online, including fulfillment and distribution, branding and hosting as well as a crash course in tech development

List Your Products
Learn to list your products online from Fulfillment services (Amazon FBA, and Noon), to 3rd party distribution and create your own eCommerce website (Shopify and Woocommerce)
Third Party Selling
Learn about third party selling through Fulfillment centres
Branding and Hosting
Learn how to host and brand your own online store
Tech Development Basics
Crash course in tech development for a Woocommerce and Shopify Store
Customer Service
Learn about automation and how to implement online customer service

Module 4


Module 4


This module covers all payment options and restrictions and ultimately teaches you how and when to get paid

Getting Paid Online
Getting paid online, payment gateway options, opening a company bank account, Paypal and other lean payment options
Understanding payment regulations and how to overcome payment restrictions in the MENA region

Module 5

Business Setup

Module 5

Business Setup

This module covers everything you need to know about getting setup, from region specific company licensing and setup to opening a bank account and to how to start a business as a bootstrapper

Offshore and Onshore Companies
Learn about options for Offshore and Onshore companies in the UAE, getting a trade license, and setting up a US / UK LLC.
Start a Business as a Side Hustle
How to start a business as a side hustle, without needing to register a company or open a company bank account
Start an Onshore & Offshore Company Internationally
The cheapest and easiest ways to legally start an onshore and offshore company internationally

Module 6

Shipping and Logistics

Module 6

Shipping and Logistics

This module covers everything you need to know about shipping, including an understanding of supply chain, shipping best practices, shipping on your own and automation

Shipping on Your Own
Learn how to use third party shipping providers and dropshipping if you are considering shipping on your own.
Supply Chain
Gain a basic understanding of the supply chain and shipping best practices
Automate Shipping and Collections
Learn how to automate shipping and collections

Module 7

Marketing & Selling

Module 7

Marketing & Selling

This intensive module teaches the basics of eCommerce Marketing and Sales and how to generate revenue from specific channels. It covers everything from creating marketing campaigns to tracking and reporting with Google Analytics

Basics of eCommerce Marketing and Sales
Learn how to generate revenue from Display Ads, Search Ads, Content and Retention channels and gain a solid overview of Digital Marketing
Paid Advertising
How to run profitable paid advertising to drive sales and learn to create paid display campaigns on Facebook / Instagram
Search Campaigns
Learn how to create search campaigns and Google Shopping Ads and how to use LinkedIn to find B2B customers
Tracking & Reporting
Find out how to run tracking campaigns and report with Google Analytics

Meet Your Practitioner Instructors

Expert practitioners that teach practical knowledge you can immediately implement.


Ahmad Abugosh

Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs

Learn more


Alina Hassan

Founder of The Mad Alley & Digital Marketing Executive at AstroLabs

Learn more


Louis Lebbos

Founding Partner

Learn more


Muhammed Mekki

Founding Partner

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Maha Khalaf

SEI Instructor | Magento E-commerce | Entrepreneur

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Alumni Reviews

This eCommerce Launcher course will give you a strong foundation to setup your online business with confidence as it covers the A to Z from choosing a product, making a business plan, choosing the right platform to create your website, all the logistics and operations that happen behind the scene and the marketing to target right set of customers.

Anand Ramamoorthy

Head of Marketing Communications, RAKBANK

Very good course and well designed, recommend to people who are looking to start but don't know where.

Sultan Essa Alhosani

Co-Founder - Futureminds

This class is very useful for those thinking of doing their own Ecommerce business. It will give you good guidance on the points you might be missing before getting in the field.

Sonia Seth

Brand Marketing & eCommerce Executive

Helpful dedicated teachers who actually have their own online stores where we can learn from them

Haitham Gharib

Engineer Electrical at DEWA

This course is a must for anyone willing to start his own eCom business

Amine Kreidi

Sales Specialist

A great engaging and learning experience, no matter what scale you are at!

Kunal Kapoor

Founder & CEO – The Luxury Closet

AstroLabs is enabling entrepreneurs with necessary skills and knowledge to set up and scale their business model. This type of a learning platform for young entrepreneurs will definitely change the eCommerce space in the Middle East region.

Sheriff Rizwan

Founder & CEO – ALSHOP

It’s a great opportunity to get exposed to practical first-hand insights about scaling online businesses from Entrepreneurs with an amazing track record in the same field.

Bassam Almohammadi

CEO – Onsor Mosha

I found it to be a very useful opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to scale their online businesses, to get tips and tools of the trade from successful entrepreneurs. I was inspired and motivated by the dynamic discussions that take place in the workshop with other entrepreneurs.

Maram Aljishi

PM. SME Support – Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority

Whether you are a student, employee or a business owner, you will enjoy and learn so much in their workshop. Thank you AstroLabs.

Salma Kaassamany

Senior Digital Designer – Diwanee

Frequently asked questions

This course is open to everyone, regardless of technical knowledge. Even if you are a complete beginner, as long as you have the desire to build an online eCommerce business, this is the program for you!

We'll be running the live sessions remotely through Zoom. You will receive all video recordings, pdf's and course material. You will also get access to office hours with the instructors to support you one-to-one. For participants that launch their business, you will also be given a one hour session with the founder of, as well as one month free access to the AstroLabs Coworking Community (to work out of either Dubai or Riyadh).

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all videos as well as additional recorded material when signing up for our eCommerce Launcher Programs.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered, email us at: [email protected]

Build Your Own Online Business in One Week!

Build an Online Business From Scratch and Start Generating Revenue!

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