Growth Hacking: Drive massive growth on a shoestring budget

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Growth hacking has been taking the online industry by storm for a logical reason – who wouldn’t like to grow a business exponentially without a bulky marketing budget?


This practical course is all about helping you adopt a growth mindset, equip you with scalable strategies, up-to-date techniques, tools, and resources that guarantee your success while showing you in real time how you can implement them in your business!

What you will learn

Adopting a growth mindset

This is the most important component of this course, without a growth-driven mindset, no matter what you try you'll never experience serious growth.

Strategy, techniques & tools

We'll dive into understanding your funnel, discovering your ideal customers (personas) and reaching them on the most effective channel(s), A/B test, analyze & automate the process.

Local and international case studies + recommended resources

We'll go through a curated collection of local and international case studies, pointing out what worked and what failed, and sharing with you the best resources you can rely on as you move forward.

Growth hack your own business

You'll apply everything you just learned to your business challenges while getting real-time recommendations & mentorship from our experts.

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If you're looking for a career change we'll be happy to connect you with relevant recruiters.

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What you will walk out with

A brand new perspective towards growth, and a full understanding of Growth Hacking
A complete Growth Hacking strategy that works for your business, no matter what industry you're in, as long as you have an online presence
A comprehensive view on your growth funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral (AARRR) and how to act on each
Defining your North Star Metric, the most important metric for you and your teams to work towards
Creating your customer personas: Understanding who are your most valuable customers and how to reach them
Identifying your growth levers: Key to growth because the goal is to use the smallest input possible to generate a much bigger outcome
Growth hacks for each channel, for both B2C & B2B, and how to automate most of them
Access to tools and resources to stay up to date with the industry
Case studies of local and international players, pointing out what worked and what failed so you don't have to waste your efforts
Tailored mentorship and advice for your own business or project: Ask anything and receive instant feedback & recommendations

Timings & Locations

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To be announced

Meet your industry-leading instructors

Our instructors are expert industry practitioners with a proven track record. When you learn at AstroLabs Academy, you can always rely on our team to provide guidance and support after completing your course.

Samer Bejjani
Director of Product, Technology & Training at AstroLabs

For the past 10 years, Samer has worked with MENA based startups, leading Product, Tech, and Digital Marketing teams. He helped companies cut down their marketing budget by 5x, triple their conversion rates, founded and grew a social network to 10,000 users without a budget and mentored 20+ Dubai based startups.He is currently Director of Product, Tech & Training at AstroLabs, was Chief Product Officer at Designer-24, the biggest omnichannel fashion rental platform in the region, and founded Hoodi, a neighborhood social network in Dubai.

Course details 3 modulesExpand all

1. Essential requirements for Growth Hacking - 30 mins

1.1 Mindset
1.2 Skills
1.3 Environment, stage & criteria

2. Methodology - 4 hrs

2.1 Understanding your funnel(s)

2.2 Defining your north star

2.3 Customer personas

2.4 Identifying your growth levers

2.5 Channels & corresponding techniques

2.6 Measurements & KPIs

2.6 Tools & resources

2.8 Working with teams

2.9 Case studies (local and international)

3. Growth Hack your own project - 1.5 hrs

3.1 Time for you to apply your learnings & create your growth strategy (you’re free to collaborate with others or do it on your own) guided and reviewed by your instructor.

A strong network of alumni

AstroLabs Academy reviews

Kunal Kapoor
Founder & CEO – The Luxury Closet

A great engaging and learning experience, no matter what scale you are at!

Jean-Pierre Mondalek
General Manager, Motors –

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to pick up new skills and tricks, join AstroLabs Academy!

Jana Al Qahtani
Senior Digital Marketing Executive – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

It was very informative it was also great in terms of sharing case studies and best practices.

Dunia Othman
Chief Marketing Officer – mrUsta Solutions

As always AstroLabs courses really focus on giving you direct value to your business, the little tips are awesome!

Abbas Al Lawati
Global Head - Commodities and Banks – Bank Muscat

The class was worth 500 kms we crossed from Oman.

Simon Sothcott
Digital Director – MEC

Without doubt this is the best foundation for start-ups currently available in the UAE.

Uzma Suleman
Manager - Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Corporate Office – Dubai World Trade Centre

The course delivered by AstroLabs was informative and well-structured.

Izeldin Ibrahim
Group Product Manager – Abbott

I really liked the interaction and real life examples!

Elhoussine Talab
Web Developer

AstroLabs is an amazing place to learn and connect. It is the perfect organic starting point for any startup in the UAE.

Abdullatif Alsumeiry
Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power Markets Sales Engineer

The instructors at Astrolabs are very knowledgeable and helpful, which is a great addition to the friendly environment that Astrolabs provide

Khaled Elsayed
Co-Founder – Timepiece360

Another great workshop by AstroLabs. Having an industry leader involved, giving real insight and prepared to answer all questions openly made it a hands-on and very beneficial workshop. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to start seeing results after completing this course?

Same day if you're eager to start implementing right away! Growth Hacking is all about experimenting fast while measuring actual improvements in your metrics.

I have an idea or a project that is not launched yet, is this course for me?

If your project is not launched yet, this course will help you build your growth strategy, so when the time comes you'll be ready to apply it and fast-track the results! It can also be beneficial for you as a part of the course focuses on personas and understanding your market.

Will I have access to online material and recordings?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all the resources discussed and a recorded stream of the session when signing up for our Growth Hacking course.

How will this help me get a job / advance in my career?

Growth Hacking is one of the most in-demand fields for the modern economy and one of the most enjoyable practices. It has high earning potential and is a skill that can fuel growth into any business. We have helped several graduates land jobs or pivot after completing our courses. We cannot guarantee employment, but we will connect you with recruiters and open positions from our network.

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