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Learn beginner and advanced coding at the region's largest Coding Bootcamp!

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320 graduates
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Learn Fullstack Coding at our 2 months Coding Bootcamp.

With 2 Paths for Beginners and Intermediate Coders

Learning coding can be tough. Navigating the different formats and languages you should start with. Getting stuck for days trying to find that rogue semi-colon causing a bug in your code and only Google to help. Committing the time to learn when you can’t take time off work, off studying or off a busy life.

We get it. That’s why our course is different. We focus on taking you from 0 to 1, and hold your hand the entire way to launch your coding career on your terms!

With flexible payment options and with all classes taught evenings and weekends, you get maximum flexibility to learn and apply practical coding skills on your own terms.

Our alumni have switched careers, launched businesses, got promotions and hired their team. Join the largest community of coding enthusiasts in the MENA region and start your coding journey today!

Open To All Skill Levels

We assume no prior knowledge. This program is beginner-friendly with an introduction path, and also has the option to skip ahead if you already know the basics.

Learn to Code From the Ground Up

Learn all about coding (JavaScript and Python) and build your online portfolio using GitHub. A highly in-demand skill which will allow you to build your own project, or work as a full stack, frontend, or backend developer.

AstroLabs Certification

You'll get an official AstroLabs KHDA diploma, upon completion of this training.

Fully Online Live Remote Learning

Sessions are delivered fully remotely online with the option to attend in-person at our AstroLabs Dubai JLT location. Participants will gain lifetime access to the AstroLabs online learning portal for regular content shared to help you on your coding learning journey.

Hands-on Practical Coding

Participate in highly interactive, step-by-step practical workshops in JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS and GitHub. You code along and by the end of the program, you code it on your own!

Career Opportunities

We'll connect you to our large network of job opportunities as well as our in-house recruiters at Astrolabs Talent, to help you advance in your career through AstroLabs Talent.


Platforms Covered

Content: Inside the Course

What you will learn

Module 1

Intro to Coding, Computer Science, and App Development

Module 1

Intro to Coding, Computer Science, and App Development

Learn the basics of coding, how to build a website and mobile app as well as how web servers, domains and hosting works. You’ll also learn about how to build apps quickly using a variety of No Code Solutions. 

Basics of Coding
The 4 Styles of learning to code
Coding Languages
Overview of coding landscape and choosing the best language for you
How apps works
The basics of building a website, mobile app and understanding how web servers, front end, backends, API's, domains and hosting works
System Integration and CMS
Front and Back End system interaction, working with a CMS (content management system) and integrating them together
Terminal Basics
Learn how to install the coding terminal on your PC / Windows or Mac machine
Web Programming
Basics in web programming (HTML5, and CSS, with a brief overview of Javascript and other backend technologies)
Mobile App
Learn the different ways to build mobile apps, from Native, Hybrid (React Native) and Wrappers
No Code
Learn all about how to build apps quickly using No Code tools, such as Bubble, Webflow, Wordpress, Shopify and more!

Module 2

HTML, CSS, and Web Development

Module 2

HTML, CSS, and Web Development

Build a website from scratch with HTML & CSS, participate in a practical Coding Session and upload your website online using GitHub and Netlify

Web Building Basics
Build a static website and set the foundation to build complicated web apps
Understanding HTML elements needed to build a website and how to use CSS to style elements
Flexbox and CSS Grid
Learn how to use Flexbox and CSS Grid to make your site responsive on all devices
Practical Session
Use CSS Bootstrap with a focus on responsive design using grids
Upload your Site
Learn how to upload your site online using GitHub, then deploy it to Netlify through automated continuous deployment

Module 3

Javascript & Python Programming

Module 3

Javascript & Python Programming

In this module you will learn the basics of Javascript, and Python Syntax and set up the environment to start coding on your machine

The Basics of Javascript
Learn the basics of Javascript with Strings, Variables, Objects, Arrays, Loops, Map functions, ES6 and more!
Intro to Python
Variables and Data Types Lists & Loops, Dictionaries and Frequency Tables Functions Algorithm Practice
New ES6 syntax
Learn about new ES6 syntax (Let, Const) and Arrow Functions
Intro to Data Science
Basics of Data Science to Solve Problems using Programming, Mathematics and Domain Knowledge

Module 4

Data Structures and Algorithms

Module 4

Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn computer science data structures and how to solve advanced algorithms

Data Structures
Learn important computer science principles and how to manipulate data in the context of JavaScript and Python
Algorithm Basics
Learn how to solve coding and programming challenges through practical algorithms
Advanced Algorithms
Learn about advanced algorithms and how to solve them (this is very useful in the context of coding interviews)

Who is it for?

Career starters

Are you someone who is starting out your career and understands how many different career options open up if you have coding skills? Finance, marketing, design, data analytics, science and way more. Rocket-launch your early career by learning essential and transferable coding skills.

Career switchers

Are you someone that has come to the party a bit late in realizing the power of a coding career? Firstly it is never too late to change your career and secondly you’re not alone. Take ownership of the next phase of your career jungle gym and learn to code.

Career learners

Are you a non-tech person who wants to “lift the hood” on actually understanding how tech products are built? Demystify the jargon and manage development work better by learning in-depth how tech products work.

What is included?

4 online live modules held on Zoom with one of our expert instructors

Weekly office hours with instructors and mentors to progress your projects

Over 100 hours of instruction and mentorship

Online community forum to troubleshoot, learn and chat with your classmates

Interactive demo day at the end of the course with votes for the winner and prizes!

A vibrant alumni community of the largest number of coding bootcampers in the region


Meet Your Practitioner Instructors

Expert practitioners that teach practical knowledge you can immediately implement.


Ahmad Abugosh

Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs

Learn more


Maha Khalaf

Senior Software Developer

Learn more


Minhaj Mehmood

Head of IT Department at Innovations Group UAE

Learn more


Danial Entezari

Technology Director at Huephase

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Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small companies, they are founders, career changers and lifelong learners. Join us and meet your tribe!


Alumni Reviews

The Astrolabs part-time Coding bootcamp is focused and current, teaching sought after skills around fullstack JavaScript. I never imagined that I’d be able to build a complete MERN stack application in 8 weeks, whilst still working full time. This bootcamp delivered beyond my expectations and cemented my desire to pursue web development.

Sajid Akhtar

Technology Director, Data Science Practice - Publicis Media MENA

For a beginner like me, the course was eye-opening and very interesting to learn. Instructors are helpful, knowledgeable, attentive to class needs and clear in explaining different types of codes and details. Very happy to be a part of this course and definitely need to keep learning.

Mustafa Aljuaidi

The environment was great. Instructors were super helpful and did everything in a timely manner, very flexible at all times. Everything I learned during this boot camp was very helpful to get me started on the process of learning web development and gave me just the right fundamentals and knowledge to move further and learn even more.

Aron Gabor

Abercrombie & Fitch Brand Representative

Troubleshooting our problems and walking us through them. Helping us every step of the way. Never leaving questions unanswered.

Mohamad Mahdi

CO Dulsco

The best thing was that I learned about coding and creating a website from scratch within 2 months. All the sessions conducted were informative and not only did I learn, I also applied what was taught in assignments and group projects.

Shreya Doshi

Vice President Public Relations

It feels good to be surrounded by like minded people who share the same passion, by mentors who guide you throughout the execution of your project, and other entrepreneurs who inspire and motivate you

Timothee Desurmont Van Leeuwen

Business Development Manager

John Bartlett

Coding Bootcamp Alumni

Lina El Husseini

Coding Bootcamp Alumni

Lajisha Latheef

Coding Bootcamp Alumni

Izzat Al Olwani Testimonial

Coding Bootcamp Alumni

Frequently asked questions

This coding bootcamp will be conducted online live fully remotely (over Zoom and our own Learning Management portal). Our sessions blend practical knowledge with live coding to ensure that you learn by doing!

Yes, you will have lifetime access to videos as well as additional recorded material when signing up for our Coding Bootcamp. You will also receive any updates we may have in the future (to make sure your knowledge is always up to date)

Upon completion of this course, you will receive an AstroLabs Certification (certified by the Dubai Government KHDA authority). By the end of the course, you will also have your own coding portfolio, which helps immensely in your career.

Although we cannot guarantee employment, several of our graduates have gotten jobs immediately after graduation. By joining this bootcamp, you'll be joining an active alumni network with exclusive access to opportunities we come across in our network and job portal as well as recruitment and career support.

Yes, don't worry. As long as you have a passion for learning, beginners are welcome! Although it helps if you have done some coding before, our coding bootcamp starts from the basics and assumes no prior knowledge if you start with our Introduction to Coding course.

One of the beauties of this program is that most of it is conducted via the browser (using Google Chrome), so as long as you have a laptop that was made in the last 5 years, you should be ok.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Intro to Coding Course

Learn beginner and advanced coding at the region's largest Coding Bootcamp!

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