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Land the Job You Want Masterclass

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Access the region’s strongest network of companies hiring from startups to multinational companies. Ensure your toolkit of CV, cover letter and personal branding stands you out from the crowd. Learn practical tips and hacks for how to get noticed ...

23 Jan 21 - 23 Jan 21 7 days left!
Al Quoz 1, The Courtyard, AstroLabs Campus - Dubai   
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CV Workshop & Interview Masterclass

Today’s job seekers face challenges like never before. Uncertain economic times and disruption of industries have seen stable careers disappear. However, the good news is that there are also tremendous opportunities. In many sectors job hiring is accelerating and the challenge for companies to find the best talent is real.

We have all been job seekers ourselves, and we know how difficult it is to get yourself to the top of the pile of applications. That’s why we created this Masterclass, to help you learn practical skills, tips and hacks to land your next job. But we also go beyond. We conduct an assessment with you and learn about the roles and industries you are passionate about. We add you to our internal talent pool we use to source candidates for our clients. If you apply for a job through our jobs website - the region’s largest for tech and digital roles - we will personally flag your application to the hiring managers. You will also receive a monthly newsletter about the roles and hiring landscape in the region.

Our AstroLabs Talent team are highly experienced tech and digital recruiters that have placed tech and digital talent throughout the MENA region. We know what companies are looking for and we know how the best candidates differentiate themselves from the pack.

Our goal is that you maximize your chances to showcase your skills, build your network and land your next dream job through our network. From learning how to know who is hiring, how to stand out in a sea of applications and how to make your first 90 days count, we walk you through each step of finding your dream job and make your impact from day one.

Tap into the Strongest Network in the Region

Our AstroLabs Talent team will be working with you throughout the Masterclass. You will have a focused one-to-one and assessment with our team on what roles and industries you are looking for and we will help connect you with people hiring. Our broad network includes over 2500 Academy alumni and Community coworking companies, as well as with recruiters and tech companies through AstroLabs Talent. No other organization has the breadth and depth of knowledge into who is hiring and helps you get in front of the right people.

Building Your Toolkit

Review, refresh and upgrade your CV to sell yourself in a way that hiring managers notice through a hands-on working session. Learn the value of an impactful cover letter, what to include and how to structure one for each job you apply for.

Navigating Jobs Sites and Using Your Digital Brand

Should you spend your time applying to jobs through job sites? How should you find and approach recruitment companies or headhunters? How do you use LinkedIn in a smart way to build a personal brand and use keywords to show up in searches done by recruiters? With guides on who recruits in the region and understanding how recruiters use LinkedIn, we demystify the practical challenges people have when looking for a job.

Interviewing and Negotiation

Learn how to hit a home run during your interview. How to conduct your research, what questions to ask and effective communication strategies for online and face-to-face interviews. Once you are offered the job, learn how to negotiate the right salary and how to leave your current employer on good terms.

Hit the Ground Running and Make Impact

Showing your impact starts as soon as you accept the role. Learn how to prepare and hit the ground running on day 1. Set up your goals for your first day, first week, 30 and 90 days with our structured framework you can immediately implement.

Expert Instructors

This Masterclass is designed and delivered personally by our Director of AstroLabs Talent and her team. With over 10 years of recruitment experience outside and within the region she knows who is hiring, what they are looking for, what candidates should and shouldn’t do as well as all the practical hacks of how to jump to the front of the application queue.

Content: Inside the Course

What you will learn

Module 1

How to find the right job and land an interview

Module 1

How to find the right job and land an interview

You will learn how to search for jobs in the Middle East, build an impactful CV and cover letter and practical hacks to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed by recruiters.

How to search for jobs
  • Learn what platforms you should use to search for jobs
  • What should you not waste your time on
  • A guide to recruitment companies operating in tech and digital in the region
  • How to stand out to a recruiter and what not to do
  • Practical tips, tricks and hacks to get in front of a recruiter or hiring manager
  • What makes a good recruiter and how can you tell if they are genuine and high quality?
  • Understand the depth of application process
Discover the secret sauce to create a powerful CV and cover letter
  • Make that first impression count through a hands-on CV building workshop
  • What research and how to write a “wow” cover letter
Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to use LinkedIn profile as your personal brand
  • What keywords to use to show up in searches of recruiters
  • See “behind the curtain” at what recruiters see about you on LinkedIn and how they search and profile candidates
We will also hold a quick-fire one-on-ones discussions with you on the types of roles and industries you are interested in to see if we can help.

Module 2

How to navigate the interview minefield, land your dream job and hit the ground running

Module 2

How to navigate the interview minefield, land your dream job and hit the ground running

You will learn how to prepare and conduct yourself during an interview, improve your negotiating skills and what to do during your first 90 days of the new job to ensure success.

Interview Masterclass
  • How to prepare for an interview and what research to do
  • The difference between in-person and virtual interviews and how to maximize your impact between each one
  • Learn interviewing skills, techniques and tips, including
    • How do turn your weaknesses into strengths
    • How do you answer questions in the right way
    • Understand the difference between behavioural vs competency based questions
    • Use the right body language and tone of voice
  • What questions you should ask during an interview
  • The importance of following up after an interview
How to get the best out of your offer
  • Improve your negotiating skills to get the best salary and employment terms
  • Best practice in resigning from your current role
Set yourself up for success in your first 90 days in the new job
What to do in your first week, month and 90 days

Meet Your Practitioner Instructors

Expert practitioners that teach practical knowledge you can immediately implement.


Danielle Blizzard

Director of Talent Services

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Alumni Reviews

The team assisted with my move to Dubai from the UK to join Virgin Mobile. It was a huge decision for me, and they were sensitive to that and helped all the way through, even on personal matters and adjusting to life here. Thanks for playing such a big role in my move, and ultimately a major life-change.

Steve James


Very easy recommendation to make. Quite simply, awesome level of service, the team helped me to secure the right role for me after very swiftly, and professionally matching the clients requirements with my own. Excellent timely and informative communications, and support in the right areas at the right time.

Kevin Fulton


Frequently asked questions

This course is for people frustrated about the process of how to navigate and find a job and want the hacks and inside tips for how to shortcut to a successful interview and first 90 days in their dream job.

AstroLabs Talent places digital and tech talent into companies throughout the region and we are always looking for top talent in these industries! Following the Masterclass you will be able to submit your CV to our team for review and potential inclusion into our talent pool that we analyze for every role we are looking to place. We will connect you with our Community and Academy alumni we know are hiring.

We cannot guarantee we can get you a job, but what we can do is include you into our talent pool, connect you with people through our network we know are hiring that fit your profile. We also conduct a one-to-one meeting and assessment of every person during the Masterclass. Where we see potential fit with roles through our network we will discuss opportunities with you.

Following the Masterclass you will receive regular updates from us on the companies and roles hiring in the region, giving you one complete view of opportunities across tech and digital across the region.

It depends what your goals are.

The practical learning outcomes you will get are relevant for any industry. However when it comes to questions on who is hiring, what roles are available and any potential fit with roles we have available, let’s be clear. Our industry experience is in tech and digital. If you place a high value on this part of the course and you are not interested in the digital or tech industry then you should not attend.

They take place at our spacious Academy Campus in the heart of the lovely Courtyard, Al Quoz, Dubai. All of our classes adhere to social distancing safety measures.

Land the Job You Want Masterclass

1,499 AED

Access the region’s strongest network of companies hiring from startups to multinational companies. Ensure your toolkit of CV, cover letter and personal branding stands you out from the crowd. Learn practical tips and hacks for how to get noticed ...

23 Jan 21 - 23 Jan 21
7 days left!

30-day money-back guarantee

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