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Business Arabic Language For Non-Native Speakers

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

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A brief about the session:

This session helps the learners to understand how the Arabic Language works, It focuses on understanding rather memorizing, which leads into great results in a very short time. You will learn mainly:
- How to introduce yourself in Arabic
- Understand the verbs system and how to form the possessive
- How to greet others
- In a very short time, you will be able to form 10s of unique sentences by understanding how the language works, NOT by memorizing.

About the speaker:

Mozn Shaker is the founder and CEO of Mezan Institute. He received his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Jordan and his master’s degree in International Business and Languages from Sorbonne University, . After his 9th year as a regional manager with international engineering organizations, he founded Mezan Institute; a specialized training institute based in Dubai. During the last a few years, Mozn worked with hundreds of students to improve their language, communication and digital skills. Mozn authored and Amazon published his first book in 2019, titled: Arabic language for non-native speakers, part 1. You can reach him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mozn/

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