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How Tajawal/Almosafer/Seera went from Startup to Scaleup

Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Al Quoz Industrial 1, DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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Ronnie will talk about the journey Tajawal took from a team of 4 product people to where they are today - by building a foundation of a strong, positive, supportive, experimental culture and performance management.

About the Speaker:

Ronnie Varghese

>> former Head of Product, Tajawal
>> currently Senior Director - Online & Omnichannel Program (Seera Consumer Travel BU)

Find out more about him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronnievarghese/

Meetup Agenda:

1) Learning to say no to 100 things and focusing on 5 things that made an impact;
2) Incorporating analytics and business modelling to prioritize initiatives - becoming evidence-based in decision making - Forecasting using bottom-up metrics and channel metrics instead of top-down marketing spend metrics (session, search, funnel conversion, search to book and retention metrics);
3) Going from waterfall to fragile to true agile today;
4) Introducing AB testing to everything we do;
5) Going from wireframing to true UX (embedding user research) into the product process;
6) Gaining alignment and buy in and building a trust-based customer centric model - first within the product team, then to the leadership and marketing team and centering everything around the customer (not tech, not product, not marketing, not revenue) - shifting to solving basic customer problems and letting the result drive revenue;
7) Embedding conversion rate optimization into the product process;
8) Bringing the magic 3 into a Vulcan mind meld - product, UX and technology - if you get this right and the people right, then the rest follows;
9) Building your technology architecture to be truly agile - without autonomous tech architecture, you can't be agile.

Practical Takeaways:

Scaling up a startup!

See You There!
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Loulou El K.
Zaen H.
Raunak D.
Ahmad A.


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