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Network Your Business to Success

Thursday, July 16, 2020
05:00 PM to 06:00 PM

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Sales & Business development are the engine of any business. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting your own business, or an already established start-up, that wants to grow rapidly, you will need to learn about best practices in Sales & Business Development to be successful. This course will offer you the practical tools that will get you started on the road to success. We will also include practical exercises to make sure you know how to apply what you learned.


1. Importance of Sales
Outcome: Instill in attendees mind that EVERYONE is sales. Ensure they
understand the concept of Active Listening.

2. WHO is your target (identify and engage)
- What is your strategy;
- WHO is your audience;
- Where to reach them:
- Use your network;
- Obtain references;
- Prospecting: use email, calls, Social Media, website;
- NETWORKING & How to do it;
- Identify & Convince decision-makers: Solve their problem;
- Revise active listening & how it is related to AUDIENCE & NETWORKING.

Exercise: Conclude with a practical exercise where the attendees have
to develop their target audience & plan how/where/when to approach
relevant prospects, draft an email to an identified prospects.
Outcome: Attendees should formulate their target audience. Understand
NETWORKING basics and make it less intimidating.

3. WHAT to say?
Build your SALES PITCH!
Exercise: Attendees should come up with their Value Proposition,
develop a Pitch, and practice it.
Outcome: Learn how to build an effective Sales Pitch.

4. HOW to close a deal?
- Working with objections;
- Follow-up and importance;
- Retention & Word of mouth;

5. WHAT's next?
- FAQ section;

Exercise: Show how to work with free & simple tools to create a
customer database.

Outcome: Understand a healthy pipeline & the importance of a good
balance between new leads & existing customer retention.

About the speaker:

Anna Lobanova, MBA, MaFa in Fine Arts. Sales & Marketing leader for 14 years in a public international company (15,000 employees worldwide).

Russian-born Belgian citizen with top-10 MBA from Spain and living in Dubai. 14+ years of global within B2B & B2C setting, Medical Device, Healthcare, and PPE. Driving growth in multicultural, diverse markets of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Strong leadership and people management skills, including successful M&A integration.

Key competencies: People Management | Marketing | Strategy | Sales |

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- Dubai Coworking and Company Licensing: https://astrolabs.com/dubai
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Zaen H.


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