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React Native Conference – BearStudio x AstroLabs

Tuesday, February 01, 2022
02:00 PM to 03:30 PM

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The Reach Native

For several years now, React has been considered as a reference for web applications development. Now, the open-source project can be used for native mobile applications development with React Native. The idea of React Native is to simplify the development of native mobile applications and to allow the developers to have a single code project for both platforms Android and iOS.

At BearStudio, our clients often need to launch a first version of their product on the market with strong time and budget constraints. In this context, we rapidly use React Native as a solution for the development of our mobile applications projects.
This talk will be an initiation to React Native and a feedback on the framework :
- Introduction to React Native
- Setup of a React Native application
- Live demo of React Native app
- Presentation of our projects with React Native
- Global feedback on React Native (releases, errors to avoid, maintainability)

Who is the conference aimed at?
Beginners, React/Javascript developers

About the Speakers:
Quentin Lerebours, back-end and front end developer at BearStudio, a studio of web and mobile applications development based in Normandy, France.

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