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Switching Gears: From Survival to Revival

United Arab Emirates
Tuesday, July 07, 2020
05:30 PM to 06:30 PM

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You’ve been pushing ahead at full steam…and all of sudden an asteroid hit you hard. And it’s not your fault. What will it take to survive?
In this webinar we’ll focus on how you, a startup founder, can navigate these difficult times.
How you can grasp the current situation quickly, take action, marshal resources, show leadership and steer your startup into open skies and bright horizons.

The topics we’ll address include:

Current situation - Covid -19, the big picture, casualties and thrivers


  • What's happening about getting financed ? Any Investors around?

  • Sink or swim - Start-ups keeping their head above the water?

  • How to lead in the times of uncertainty,

  • Q&A

… and some more!

Presented by Supernova Startups.
We’re focussed on helping you to “Rebuild from the Rubble”. We will educate, mentor and support you in these challenging times.


Supernova Startups supports entrepreneurs and founders in their early stages to get on the right trajectory, to help them avoid mistakes and to become future stars.
The founders of Supernova have been involved in several ventures in the past and understand exactly what pains and traps are awaiting new entrepreneurs. There is a combined wealth of expertise and knowledge, from finance, business advisory and collaboration with blue-chip companies, to academic experience in business and innovation that spans across continents and world renowned business schools.
Supernova Startups is focussed on helping startups to “Rebuild from the Rubble”. We will educate, mentor and support them in challenging times.

About the speakers:

Richard Zalan

From Air Traffic Control to Structural Design, from freelancing to running a company and outsourcing, and after 30+ years of live long learning, he decided to divorce his career and became an entrepreneur. Fear of change has never been part of his vocabulary. Involved in several startups, he grew thick skin and wishes to help others to gain resilience in the changing environment. Richard is committed to mentoring young entrepreneurs and finding common ground with seasoned founders.

Naz Ahmed

Naz is the Finance and Idea Creation Director at Supernova Startups as well as the Managing Partner of Goldshaw Limited based in the UK and UAE. A highly experienced Strategic, Finance and Business Advisor who has held leading positions consulting and collaborating with many Blue-Chip companies such as Apple, IBM, Nortel Networks, Telefonica, NCR, Vodafone, Cornerstone and Herbalife, just to name a few. More recently, Naz has been keen to focus on the Start-Up environment in the Middle East to help start-ups achieve their goals and metamorphose into strong international players.

Dr. Tatiana Zalan (MA, MBA, PhD), A/Professor of Management at AUD

Tatiana has 30+ years of experience in business and academia across Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Tatiana’s business experience includes several startups, one of them being a new private university in Australia. Tatiana has been an academic advisor to several startups, received research and teaching awards and frequently presents at international academic and industry conferences on topics related to digital disruption, innovation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Tatiana is excited to work with entrepreneurs who use digital technologies to build things that matter.

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Hosted by

Majed S.
Loulou El K.
Zaen H.
Raunak D.


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