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Why Doing Good is Good for Business

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
02:30 PM to 06:00 PM

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This workshop is presented by Kaizen Consulting Group, in collaboration with AstroLabs Middle East.

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Workshop Summary:

Not too many years ago, the prevailing wisdom was that profit and corporate social responsibility were mutually exclusive pursuits. The idea that a company could improve its bottom line by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions or reducing income inequality had little chance of gaining traction among executives. This mindset and approach have brought the world to the brink of self-destruction, and are no longer sustainable. Moreover, modern-day consumers are not willing to play a part in the destruction of the planet, and are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious. Today, smarter technologies and processes are decreasing costs and gradually ushering in a new understanding that doing good for people and the planet doesn’t have to come at the expense of net income. This is good for the planet, and very good for responsible businesses. In this insightful workshop, will discuss the Triple Bottom-Line philosophy, and explore simple but effective ideas on how businesses can positively impact profits, planet and people.

About the speaker:

Entrepreneur, award-winning business strategy coach, and international speaker, Murtaza Manji is the co-founder of Kaizen Consulting Group which he set up in the UK in 2011 before expanding to the UAE a year later. Since then, the company has evolved significantly with ambitious plans to expand further. His vision is to positively impact the countries the Group operates in by supporting clients to create lasting values and legacies.

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Loulou El K.
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