Expand In Dubai At AstroLabs: The Premiere Space For Technology Companies

✓ Optimal company structures with 0% corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership & No capital requirements to open a company

✓ Streamlined licensing process with a key account manager handling your process with the Free Zone. Plug and Play: No time wasted finding an office and connecting utilities

✓ Start working on your first day in Dubai and scale your office space as you scale your team


✓ Dubai is the ideal launch pad to access emerging markets: 2 billion people within a 4 hour flight radius, 380+ Million people in the MENA region

✓ Join A community of 70+ Tech companies from around the world

✓ Leverage the AstroLabs community to network and find clients

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Success Stories

Came To Dubai From: Ohio, USA

Being close partners with Google, setting up the international office with AstroLabs not only made sense from a cultural match perspective, but the tremendous support, community and leadership at AstroLabs allowed InfoTrust to quickly hit the ground running with growth of the business. The accelerated company set up support with local government entities, inspiring office space + amenities & strong brand in the region allowed InfoTrust to immediately begin scaling.

Amin ShawkiRegional Managing Director MENA InfoTrust

Came To Dubai From: London, England

Dubai was an obvious choice for Deliveroo. We target markets with high population density, a degree of affluence and a lot of restaurants.

When entering a new market, it’s very easy to lose focus with  ‘setting up’ distractions from rent, bureaucracy, hiring etc. AstroLabs allowed us to hit the ground running and supported as along with the way with introductions, flexibility and local best practices.

Anis HarbGeneral Manager Deliveroo

Came To Dubai From: Paris, France

When considering the leanest way to establish a proper office in Dubai, AstroLabs immediately appeared as the best option for Effilab : start-up friendly licensing package, very efficient support, actual fast-tracking & an environment with companies from all over the world. What really stands AstroLabs apart is that they are at the heart of the digital eco-system in the Middle East, and give its members a spontaneous and privileged access to a network of companies and contacts: our two first customers came through connections made in AstroLabs.

Timothée DésormeauxAssociate DirectorEffilab Middle East