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AstroLabs' Hiring Process

Thank You!

Our Process

We are very excited that you are interested in applying and maybe working with us at AstroLabs! Thank you! We wanted to create a simple guide to help you in your application and interview process.

The AstroLabs Values are: Ambition, Ownership and Excellence and from those derives our perspective on how we conduct this process: Professionalism, Transparency, Our high bar.

The overall process will vary depending on the role. That said, the advice below applies broadly to most positions.

Step 1.

The Application Process

Please take the application questions seriously. We review all applications and flag ones that show depth of thinking, structure and care but immediately disregard ones where the applicant has skipped questions or did not spend enough time and thought answering them. Generic answers to important questions like “Why do you want to join us” communicate that you aren’t truly excited about it.

Step 2.

Hearing Back

If you apply to one of our openings online you will hear from us ONLY when you will be moving to the next stage, be it an additional screening exercise or an interview. Since we receive hundreds of applications for each position most applicants will never hear back from us.

BUT: As soon as someone from AstroLabs contacts you post-application for a screening that you submit or for an interview that you attend, you will ALWAYS hear back from AstroLabs.

Step 3.

The Interview

Please come to the interviews prepared. There is nothing more disappointing than a promising candidate who comes to the interview ill-prepared. This communicates either sloppiness, laziness or lack of interest or intelligence. Our interviews are critical in assessing your fit with the company and your preparedness is key. Do your research, we have an extensive website and a lot of content about us available through a simple Google search!

That said, please be relaxed during the interview. We do interviews with screened candidates and we want you to succeed. We are on your side! Being comfortable in the interview setting is a good signal regarding your comfort working with us and our clients in the future. Don’t get nervous!

What to expect in an interview?

  • Questions about your experience and deep dives about specific examples relevant to the position you’re applying for
  • Questions about what you would do in different scenarios
  • You might be given a task and some time and then present that to the interviewer

What to get out of the interview?

This is your opportunity to check if you would like to work with us as well! Was the interviewer nice and professional? Was it someone you would enjoy working with and could learn from? Is the AstroLabs environment a good fit for you?

Ask us anything! Whatever is on your mind, this is the opportunity to ask. Joining a new company is a big step and an important life moment so try to get as much information as you need to make the right decision.

After the Interview(s)

Depending on the position, you are likely to have 2 to 5 interviews. At the end of every interview the AstroLabs team will communicate the next steps and when to expect to hear from us. Sometimes you might be the first candidate in a 2-3 months process and other times you might get an offer letter quickly after your final round. In all cases there should not be any long period when you expect to hear from us but don’t.

When we are ready to make you an offer, a signed letter with a start date that factors in your discussions with your interviewer will be shared with you. Once signed, the employment contract is drafted and shared for your review and signature.

Starting with us!

Just before your start date you will get set up with email and some of the core tech systems and you might receive some pre-reading to make your first days and weeks more comfortable and give you a good starting point.

During your first weeks you will get to meet most of the team, and spend time with your manager and teammates to start absorbing our values, our culture and our processes. You will find that everyone is there to support your success but you have to be the owner and driver of it. From taking on more responsibilities and initiative as you get comfortable with your work to accelerating your learning and contribution to the wider team.

Further Reading

Check: astrolabs.com/join-us For our attempt at giving you what it is like to work at AstroLabs, what your team members will be like and what kind of people thrive in our environment!

Good luck!!