Managed Incubators & Accelerators

AstroLabs designs and deploys startup incubator and accelerator programs as a service, working with a variety of partners ranging from government entities to large corporates. We have developed a locally-relevant curriculum that is taught by instructors with practical experience building companies in the region.

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Designed for Impact

We work closely with our partners to design incubator and accelerator programs that drive real impact. Every element of the design, including the sourcing strategy, the startup selection criteria, the workshop topics chosen, the mentorship plan, etc. is carefully crafted to drive overall programmatic success.

Practitioner Instructors

All of our instructors and mentors have firsthand experience in-market and so are able to tactically support entrepreneurs on their journeys. AstroLabs’ unique network of hundreds of startup founders and deep pool of expert instructors enrich all of our programs.

Virtual Programs

AstroLabs has pioneered virtual delivery of incubators and accelerators in the region, offering fully online programs, broadcast live to participants, with the same outcomes as traditional formats.
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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

At AstroLabs we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all template for impactful programs. Instead, we approach every program design and execution with our own proven framework to provide a customized and effective learning experience.


Starting with outcomes in mind

When designing custom programs, we begin by asking what the participants and their organization is aiming to achieve after the program ends. This approach enables us to deliver efficient, impact-focused programs that our busy participants will appreciate, eliminating elements of traditional training that do not add measurable value.


Developing relevant program modules

Our team then begins assembling the program modules as building blocks meant to achieve the team’s defined impact goals. Balancing between offering a challenging environment and the capability of a group to learn new skills and behaviors, the program modules vary in size and intensity keeping the energy of the participants in mind. We always include case studies and practical hands-on exercises to drive home key lessons and make them even more relevant.


Enriching with real life examples and practical exercises

After developing a program, we go back to the drawing board and ask, “Does this content resonate with real world experience, and will participants be able to connect the lessons to their everyday lives?”. Subsequently, we may enrich the content with more case studies and practical hands-on exercises to drive home some key lessons and make them even more relevant.


Deep understanding of the participants

Before each program we try to understand where our participants are coming from, strengths and any special needs. We review profiles and build an initial understanding of the cohort. We conduct pre-program surveys or interviews to dive deeper into their perspectives, gaps and what they want to get out of the program.


Dynamic and responsive delivery

Since all of our instructors are practitioners themselves, they are agile enough to adjust the materials and exercises based on the interactions that naturally emanate from the discussions during the course. Although we always do a significant amount of preparatory work before the program starts, maintaining this kind of flexibility to address the components the group would like to discuss most keeps our programs uniquely dynamic.

Sample modules

We design each incubator and accelerator based on the desired outcomes and focus areas of our partners. We have covered a variety of topics over the years in our programs, some of which include:

Customer Discovery & Validation

Business one-liners & elevator pitches
What is customer discovery and why is it important?
Does the business address a specific pain point for a customer?
How to conduct customer discovery interviews
Deep dive into business model

Digital Marketing & Sales

Understand the key aspects of marketing strategy, channels, tactics and measurement
Comprehensive digital marketing, social media marketing
Working with digital marketing tools like mailchimp, google analytics etc.
Go-to-market strategies & Effective sales tactics and secrets
Understanding how to build a simple sales process
Mastering LinkedIn for business development and sales

Startup Finance

Introduction to revenue, fixed & variable costs
Overview of pricing models and strategies
Common mistakes in costing
Understanding unit economics
Financial metrics

Fundraising and Pitching

Understand the importance of the pitch
Understand the flow and format of the deck
Effectively communicate their unique businesses through a quality pitch

Prototyping & MVP

What’s a prototype and what’s an MVP? Why are they important?
Personas and user journeys
Building out detailed user stories
Moving from Value Proposition to product functions
MVP and MVS (Minimum Viable Segment), the importance of early adopters
The lean startup approach: iterating with prototypes/MVPs

Product Development Management

Managing your product lifecycle
Turning user stories into features
Prioritization and Development Cycles
Project management tools
Working in sprints


AstroLabs Accelerator and Incubator Program Clients



Case study

Forward KSA Accelerator Case Study

AstroLabs successfully ran the Forward KSA Accelerator program in 2019 for a batch of 17 top tech startups in Saudi Arabia. The intensive three-month program culminated in the top five startups pitching their products at a celebratory closing ceremony, which took place at the AstroLabs Riyadh office. The startups that presented on-stage included GetMuv, Hoplay, Speero, IFF Machine and Dailymealz.

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