In addition to being the only Google For Startups Tech Hub in the MENA region, AstroLabs also fosters several other strong connections to Silicon Valley.



Google I/O is an annual conference for developers that is held in San Francisco. The first Google I/O was held in May 2008 and has since become the go-to location for major technology and patform announcements by Google.

In 2015, AstroLabs extended invitations to 2 techies in the local ecosystem to attend Google I/O.

The vibe at Google IO was incredible – the feeling of having so many hungry brilliant minds in one place for the same reason cannot be communicated easily in words. Google had ensured that Google will be a feat to remember through an amazing wrap around display in the main hall. Getting there though would require joining the longest queue I ever stood in – EVER. The line of people literally wrapped right around the entire block. Luckily there was coffee, snacks and bananas to keep the crowd standing

Google’s lineup of speakers to open the event blew the crowd away with the direction that Google is traversing. For me the biggest messages were simple – Android is now a key focus at Google, Context is how they will be better than everybody else, and its time that home, car, watch, car and mobile could all seamlessly integrate. Yes – a powerful statement but one that was backed with progress in this direction. I have since traded in my iPhone for a Nexus 6 and bracing for Android M.

Amit RamdathFounder - Impress Me App


Blackbox Connect is a two week residential program designed to give international startups an immersion into Silicon Valley culture. This program works to give attendees a foundation of knowledge and access to mentors needed to expand their vision and scale internationally.

AstroLabs has sent 5 startups to the program in Silicon Valley, all expenses paid.

Blackbox was a great experience! We spent two weeks in the hear of Silicon Valley meeting and learning from entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders who changed the world and shaped the startups and tech space. It was a transformational experience in our startup life, specially in shaping our vision for building a global product. Highly recommended experience for all tech entrepreneurs.

Mai MedhatCEO, Co-Founder at Eventtus

Fishfishme spent two weeks in Silicon Valley at BlackBox Connect, a two weeks program for 16 top international startups from around the world. Google for Entrepreneurs supported the program and basically Google covered all of our expenses during this program (flight tickets, stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transportation). So allow me to say thank you Google for taking good care of us.

It was an amazing place. The team behind the program was just marvelous, the kindest, smartest and most organized people I ever worked with. They took care of us the whole time like their own family.

Abdullah AlshalabiCEO of (A 500 Startups Company)

Blackbox Connect Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Being in Silicon Valley and surrounded by such inspiring, intelligent and ambitious people re-ignities your energy and passion to succeed. The program challenges you, teaches you and pushes you to open your mind and think bigger. A very memorable program with some long lasting friendships that have come out of it.

Sarah AppletonFounder - MiniExchange


AstroLabs works to connect the best and brightest from Silicon Valley to the Middle East and the Arab World. In addition to the Google For Entrepreneur network, AstroLabs also has connections with several top silicon valley organizations, like 500 Startups who conducted a pitching workshop at AstroLabs in Q2 2015.t

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