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A dive into the Data Analytics journey: Data Processing & Analysis (3/3)

1 6 A St - القوز, دبيae
Thursday, August 25, 2022
06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

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**Session description:**
In this series of sessions, Hadeel will take you on a journey in Data Analytics, where she will be exploring each stage separately.
In the first phase, we walked through the steps and aspects to consider to clean your data and get it prepared to be processed and used to extract insights and make decisions (Data cleaning & preprocessing). After ensuring we have a clean and neat dataset, we will start by exploring our data during this next phase. This step is called Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), it is an approach that we will use to analyze and investigate our dataset to summarize their main characteristics and highlight significant factors, often with visual methods. In this phase, we will focus on using EDA to discover any trends, patterns, or to check assumptions with the help of statistical summary and graphical representations.
After exploring our dataset, the next step we will go through is data visualization. Data scientists visualize data to understand it better. We will go through the required steps needed for data visualization to identify patterns, trends and outliers in large data sets. We will use visualizations to assist with discovering and gathering insights from the data, by generating various plots, graphs and figures.

**What will you learn?**
As we explore and dig deeper into the Data Analytics process, you will learn how to apply Exploratory data analysis and visualize your data, in order to prepare and have it all ready for the next steps. We will go through the data exploration & visualization steps in details, helping you gain an understanding of what the process looks like.

**Who is it aimed at?**

* Beginners to Python and Data Science. Some familiarity with programming recommended.
* Anyone interested in diving deep into the Data Science field.

**More learning/prerequisites:**
For further learning, the following learn module is recommended, available on Microsoft Learn: https://aka.ms/DeepDiveDataAnalytics_LM

Speaker: Hadeel Shubair
Hadeel is a Regional Cloud Advocate and Data Analytics Engineer for Microsoft, Middle East/Africa region. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge on tech topics including Data Analytics, AI, & ML. Before joining Microsoft, Hadeel held several appointments and roles including Google Women in Tech scholar through which she delivered several sessions to the community to motivate and empower young talents. Hadeel also served as part of the Data & Communications team overlooking the organization of the World Government Summit. On the other side, while at University, Hadeel chaired the Women in Engineering club, and was the Chief Editor of the Engineering Newsletter.
As a Cloud Advocate for the Microsoft Reactor, Hadeel’s main goal is to take you on a journey to understand & learn more about Data and AI concepts and applications. She's passionate about technology, education, & growing the Data & AI community across the region. Go back to the list


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