Building Future-Forward Ecosystems in MENA

AstroLabs thrives on being MENA’s trusted partner in solving innovation challenges, building self-sustaining ecosystems, and accelerating the growth of the digital economy by driving impactful large-scale programs

We’re on a mission to build competitive local markets by elevating local players to global standards and enabling global players to thrive in local landscapes

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After successfully launching and scaling one of the first E-commerce companies in the region, the founders of Namshi set on to build the ecosystem


Muhammed Mekki and Louis Lebbos launched AstroLabs in 2013 to address the challenges they faced when launching their own company and enable MENA-based founders to unlock their potential as a result


The launch gathered founders from Egypt, Saudi, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, and across MENA in a debut entrepreneurship enablement program. Seeing the eagerness and immense potential of the early entrepreneurial ecosystem, the AstroLabs journey officially took off. Through capacity building and entrepreneurship programs, the AstroLabs community grew exponentially across the region. In 2015, the community found its home at our Dubai coworking spaces in JLT


After engaging hundreds of entrepreneurs in upskilling, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship programs across MENA, AstroLabs marks a pivotal milestone and officially launches its operations in Saudi Arabia, becoming the first licensed international incubator in the Kingdom with coworking spaces in Riyadh


Today, AstroLabs provides a holistic model that enables the expansion of global and regional businesses to local markets, along with the effective transformation of local companies into vital contributors to the digital economy—shaping the future of MENA’s technology landscape




We believe in agility and adaptability in a rapidly changing business landscape. We help our partners stay ahead of the curve by being nimble and responsive to emerging trends and opportunities


We are impact-driven and goal-focused. We work with our clients and partners to identify core challenges and opportunities in designing and running transformations that hit their business, economic, or growth objectives


We believe in sustainable growth. Our programs and activities are catered around to enable the potential of current skillsets, assets, and capabilities for harmonious growth


We believe in the power of fostering conducive collaborative communities and building lifelong connections between stakeholders to 10x growth at a regional scale


We believe every transformation is an immense opportunity for learning. By that, we design our offerings to generate valuable insight that can elevate the sectors, ecosystems, businesses, and entrepreneurs involved


We solve for tomorrow by building for today. Our ethos, mission, and values are focused on the betterment of the future, which comes with an embrace of diversity, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship

You Are Us. Join Us.