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Effective Market Research Strategies

Wednesday, August 31, 2022
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

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**Session Summary:**
Research techniques with a structured approach and enriched with data will bring valuable insights into the market. The event will discuss the main topic of market research in terms of applying to consult frameworks to build an accurate understanding of the market - how to collect the data, structure the data and make use of the research.

HEED is a boutique management consulting firm focused on Revenue Management and Commercial Excellence. We help well-established/recognized companies drive sustainable revenue growth by
integrating science and technology into what we do. Our discipline of execution has helped our clients increase their revenues by an average of 17% within a 10 months period.

[Norma Makarem](https://www.linkedin.com/in/normamakarem/) is a growth consultant expert in aiding organizations in business development through building solutions, implementing technology, data analysis, digital marketing, and operation
management to accelerate their growth. Norma has conducted full training and coaching sessions with many programs through which she has successfully guided 100+ SMEs and startup businesses through
their journey.

**Main points the session will cover:**

* The importance of Marketing Research to reach the MVP
* Bottom-Up vs. Top-to-Bottom Approach
* The 7 steps of Market Research
* Analysis & Methodologies to validate market understanding

**Key Takeaways:**

* How important it is that YOU conduct your own market research
* Which is better to do a bottom-up or a top-to-bottom approach
* How to define your goal & objectives
* Different methods of research types
* How to present & make use of the market research Go back to the list


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