Elevating SME Capability
Programs to accelerate digital adoption and entrepreneurship for SMEs in MENA

How We Support SME Growth

Designed by industry specialists and run by local experts, our SME programs are focused on accelerating the development of businesses by enabling them with digital tools and supporting their rapid growth through lean entrepreneurial frameworks

Market Assessment

We begin our programs by building ideal SME profiles that could achieve the most impact from the program, including stage, industry, and location

Upon engaging with all key stakeholders and developing the development of our program methodology, our teams provide thorough market surveying to identify opportunities and turnkey contributors

Program Design

Outcome-driven, our programs offer learning opportunities for founders through guided execution. We work closely with our partners to co-design programs that achieve their strategic objectives while providing maximum impact to SME business owners

Program Execution

Designed for impact, our programs provide participants with a mix of learning mediums, including 1:1 mentoring sessions, intensive workshopping, key stakeholder engagement, and training in digital tools

We typically end our programs with a demo or graduation event to showcase the companies and the results achieved during the program

Program Impact & Scaling

Set to drive industry-wide learning, every program provides extensive insight reporting shared with partners and key stakeholders, with a prospective track for future adaptations

Once completed, we provide extensive post-program support including the integration of participants into the AstroLabs’ regional networks



Business Mentorship

Product & Opportunity Mapping

Innovation &

Strategic Partnerships

Customer Acquisition Through Digital Marketing

Commercial Registration

Product Development
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Scaling Strategy

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