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Dubai 100

Dubai 100 is a program whose mission is to accelerate the growth of early stage healthcare startups from across the globe by bringing them to Dubai for a 100 day intensive learning program.

AstroLabs has been involved with D100 since prior to the official launch, working with the initiative’s leadership team to set a curriculum that would challenge and elevate their cohorts of diverse health-tech entrepreneurs through practical workshops on digital topics.

AstroLabs Academy developed and ran over 10 different courses, including Digital Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, User Experience Design, Fundraising, Pitching and Team Building.


startAD is full stack entrepreneurial experience based out of NYU Abu Dhabi, helping the entrepreneurship ecosystem through education initiatives and the creation of startups.

Since the inception of startAD,  AstroLabs has been working closely with the program’s leadership team to design and deliver Digital & Business Literacy Workshops, as well as fully develop and run their Startup Bootcamp.

Courses developed & delivered by AstroLabs at startAD include: Digital Marketing, Business Model Generation, Web & Mobile Development, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Startup Pitching.

Digital Incubation Center

Digital Incubation Center (DIC) was created to boost ICT innovation by the Qatari government and is currently managed under the State of Qatar Ministry of Transportation & Communications (MOTC).

AstroLabs has been working with the team at DIC and MOTC to deliver workshops related to startup innovation, business best practices, digital marketing, and tech topics.

The courses that were developed & delivered by AstroLabs at DIC in Doha include: Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Google Analytics, B2B Strategy, Product Development, Mobile Development and Startup Pitching.

Wadi Makkah

Wadi Makkah, located at Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, is an Innovation Center, Accelerator and Venture Capital Organization that seeks to cultivate entrepreneurship in KSA.

AstroLabs has worked with the leadership team at Wadi Makkah for hands-on workshops and mentorship at their center in Makkah.

Courses and mentorship programs that were developed & delivered by AstroLabs for Wadi Makkah startups include: Digital Marketing, B2B Strategies, Product Development, and Startup Scaling Best Practices.


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