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Fastest Setup

You will have your investment license issued by MISA, Commerce Registration within an expedited time frame of 2-3 weeks and be assisted every step of the way by our team of experts on the ground.

Soft Landing Office

Our AstroLabs Riyadh coworking space serves as your flexible soft landing office in Saudi Arabia as you are required to register an address to get licensed. Membership included in our setup packages.
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100% Ownership

Expand your company to Saudi Arabia without the need for a local partner and with no minimum capital requirements. We have assisted over 50 companies with their expansion into the Kingdom in the last year.

Our Offering

End-to-end company licensing:

The below 16 Steps are required to fully establish a legal foreign-owned company in Saudi Arabia. AstroLabs acts on your behalf to navigate the different government entities and processes required to help your company expand into the Kingdom. Speak with a member of our team to discuss your requirements and how we can help.
1MISA Investment License – 1 Year
2Name Reservation
3Drafting and Attesting the local Articles of Association (AoA)
4Issuance of Commercial Registration (CR)
5Registration with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)
6Company Seal
7Register with The Ministry of Labor
8Register with General Organization for Social Issuance (GOSI)
9Register for the National Address
10Issue the GM Visa
11Registration with General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT)
and VAT Registration
12Activate Chamber of Commerce (CoC) account
13Health Insurance
14Medical Check up
15Issue the GM’s Iqama
16Register with Muqeem portal
17Register with Absher portal
18Register with Qiwa portal
19Register with Mudad Portal
20Assistance in Bank account opening

Over 100 companies registered last year




AstroLabs Partners with the Ministry of Investment

AstroLabs signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SAGIA – now the Ministry of Investment – in November 2018, when we were issued the first foreign investment license for a business incubator. In our first year, we subsequently supported over 50 companies, valued at over USD$2bn, with their expansion into Saudi Arabia through our turnkey business set up solutions.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll help you issue all of the required licenses to operate your company in Saudi Arabia with 100% foreign ownership, including registering with the Ministry of Investment, Ministry of Commerce (Commercial Registration), Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor, General Organization for Social Insurance, General Authority for Zakat and Tax, and Wasel Address. After we complete these steps on your behalf, you’ll be able to open a bank account, sponsor visas, and start doing business legally across Saudi Arabia. We include in our package three months of coworking at AstroLabs Riyadh for the first member of your team, serving as your soft-landing office.

AstroLabs’ specialized team in Riyadh has navigated the complex and time consuming business license setup process for over 100 companies to date. We will help you setup a 100% foreign-owned onshore entity without the need for a local partner. You will be able to operate anywhere in the Kingdom with no minimum capital requirement. AstroLabs will help you get licensed in an expedited time frame of 2-3 weeks and our coworking space in Riyadh serves as your soft landing as you are required to register a physical office to open a company in Saudi Arabia. AstroLabs Riyadh is a purpose-built workspace with WiFi, meeting rooms, and office supplies, offering you a scalable office solution that grows with your team. Additionally, you will be part of AstroLabs community which would help you get new partners, potential clients, and subsidized services.

The Ministry of Investment is the government entity that licenses foreign companies to operate in Saudi Arabia without a local partner. This is a mainland license with 100% foreign ownership. The Investor License is open to companies of all sizes setting up in the Kingdom, including international expansions of existing entities.

The most common business activities we license are those in the services sector. Please note, certain activities are restricted such as recruitment, medical, and certain types of consulting (other than management).

We are currently achieving MISA license issuance, Commercial Registration, and Chamber of Commerce certification within 2-3 weeks. The company will be fully established within 3 months.

The assigned general manager from your side would need to be present twice, one for issuing the commercial registration, and one for issuing the residency card.

For any information on cost and process please fill out the form below or contact us directly at [email protected].

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